Lou Magazzu’s Legacy

Lou’s protectors and apologists at the News of Cumberland County fired one final volley of accolades, lamenting his premature departure from politics.

As for his legacy as a freeholder, Magazzu should be remembered for more than this scandal. He was a hard worker who represented Cumberland County with drive and enthusiasm. He did his homework and devoted an above-average amount of time to his freeholder duties.

Lou’s legacy – let’s sum it up. This past week Monmouth University released a survey that placed Cumberland County dead at the bottom in a quality of life survey – and that is what we, the residents say!

The county ranks highest on teen pregnancy, has the most children living on Welfare, highest level of poverty and unemployment – we top all of the wrong lists. Over a decade of leadership, and Lou has not made a dent in any of these numbers. Instead, we have seen Cumberland County businesses discriminated against in favor of Camden County businesses. We have seen political favoritism and nepotism. We have seen people attacked and verbally abused simply for asking questions at Freeholder meetings.

Yes, Lou Magazzu’s legacy will live on – but hopefully only in fading memories.


3 Responses to Lou Magazzu’s Legacy

  1. Guess-Who says:

    “Cumberland County is where residents give the lowest ratings to the state government and their hometowns. They also trended highly negative on race relations, access to health care, availability of cultural activities, crime and condition of roads”.
    Will LOU claim or take the Credit for this ?

    Magazzu is the PAST in Cumberland, NJ, There are Others involved in Politics that will join him Out in the Pasture 🙂

    The BS has to STOP, If this County wants to move in the Direction of Reaching the Top of these List that People are PROUD to be On!

    Best Place to Raise a Family

    Best Place to Find a Job (Cost of Living)

    Lowest Crime Rate

    Friendliest Community[s]

    Best School[s] in the State

    These are the Goals that should be Set and Achieved by All in this County known as Cumberland, NJ

  2. WuLi says:

    I rec’d an anonymous letter yesterday. No return address, just a plain piece of printer paper with the following poem.

    Where’s the Beef, Wellington?

    There once was a pol, whose first name was Lou
    A Machiavellian Napoleon, through and through
    Alas and alack, he was not so smart,
    So he fired off a shot of his Bonaparte
    And in doing so brought on his own water Lou

  3. Gilgamesh says:

    You forgot the crime rate.

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