Magazzu’s Lawyer speaks up

There are several inaccuracies in this report. When the reporter said I ‘did not reply to questions about a set-up”, they fail to tell you I was never ASKED about a set-up. For the record there was no set-up.

There are several outright lies in this interview, but I will discuss those after speaking to my attorney about my options on this particular matter.


3 Responses to Magazzu’s Lawyer speaks up

  1. Guess-Who says:


  2. I Know says:

    I’m suprised we haven’t heard from that gumshoe reporter from days gone by…… you know, Miles J. He had a lot to say defending Magazzu. And what about Dr. Joe and lil sis Christina? Anything? Just the sound of crickets?

    I guess some know when to sit down and STFU (not me ofcourse)

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