The NEW Cumberland County Democratic Party

Same as the Old Cumberland County Democratic Party! On July 24, I wrote about the CCDO’s push to bring in new membership, and to lure in some of the people that abandoned the sinking ship. Many devoted Democrats rejected Lou’s style leadership, and the direction the party was taking the county. The brochure was mass-mailed to county Democrats (except that Mark Krull and Linda Forbes didn’t get one), and mentioned making “a positive impact in your community”. However, the current leadership of Bob Balicki and Doug Long appear to be more than happy to cover up past sins and continue with business as usual.

From AP on August 2nd, 2011:

 “Cumberland County Democratic Party co-chairman Doug Long saying the pictures were private and shouldn’t have a bearing on Magazzu’s political life.”    “Personally, I don’t think it’s unethical at all,” Long said. “He didn’t lie or try to hurt anybody, and it didn’t affect his ability as a freeholder.”

And from a Courier Post article:

“Nobody has even made an ethics complaint against him,” (Bob) Balicki said. “I was thinking if someone did, it should go through the process. I’m not happy he resigned. He is good at what he does and it is a private matter. I feel bad for his family and friends.”

I guess Balicki’s never read the Watch. His statement is a corruption of the truth, a playing with facts. Lou Magazzu has been the focus of an intensive investigation by the state Attorney General, and the FBI. Complaints have been filed against Lou – I know because I am one of several people that filed said complaints. And these complaints have nothing to do with him sending pictures of his private parts over the internet.

The complaints, in fact, have caused Senate President Stephen Sweeney to have to pay a $5,000 fine to ELEC for the illegal donation to Lou Magazzu’s fake NACo “PAC”.

Yep – it seems the new leadership of the CCDO is as corrupt and willfully blind as the previous leadership.


7 Responses to The NEW Cumberland County Democratic Party

  1. Guess-Who says:

    The Name[s] have Changed the Philosophy remains the Same!

    “I guess Balicki’s never read the Watch”, He reads it Daily from what I hear 🙂

    The entire Political Scene & both Parties need to be revamped in Cumberland,NJ and NOT just from one side 🙂

    I hear Norcross is Reaching across to Cover his ASS in case the current Majority Loses Control in Nov. 😦

    Stick to Camden Norcross; you are NOT needed in this part of the State!

    ps: Any-1 know WHERE Miles(Jackson) is these Days?

  2. baba says:

    Wuli, it’s too early to tell what the dems will do. Backing lou in the press is just protocol. Remember history runs deep so even Lou gets a slap on the back as the door closes on him. What happens going forward will tell. If the Dems bring someone out of retirement that is “Old School” in a good way they may move forward. If they bring someone back who was Old School in a Lou way, well, you will have your answer. It would be nice to see a totally new face,without too much baggage, even if it’s just as a caretaker for Lous job. It would be great if someone took the job with a pledge to serve no more that Lous term or that plus 1 more term. Self imposed term limit would interest me. Let’s not forget the R’s still need to put up candidates that can win if they want to gain control. I’m not convinced that they have. This ‘opportunity’ is not a slam dunk for either side.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    The best case scenario for Cumberland, NJ would be for an INDEPENDENT to win the last Year of Magazzu’s Term. Should the Freeholder Board remain 3 & 3.

    This would give the County the Opportunity to Advance Causes for All the People(Residents of Cumberland) & NOT the Political Parties.

    COMPROMISE would have to come from Both sides of the Aisle with a 3-3-1 Freeholder Board 🙂

    The Fact that there will be a special Election from the Remaining of the Term, There is a Possibility that an INDEPENDENT could EMERGE as a Favorite to fill this Position.

    I might even Consider collecting the Signatures that are needed to get an INDEPENDENT on the Ballot 🙂

    Norcross isn’t going to get his way in Cumberland,NJ any longer!

  4. Calhoun says:

    For those keeping score on D positions with respect to Lou resigning, it’s one yea (Whelan), three nays (Long, Balicki, Jannarone), and one (sort of) neutral (Dunkins). It is no coincidence that the one strong position against Lou is coming from the one person, Whelan, who is on the ballot.

    However, I think Balicki and Long’s comments will not help the Ds. Long went so far as to say that what Lou did was not “unethical at all” and he was “sure the criminal prosecution process will take place and result in indictment.”

    OK, Mr. Long. Lou stated that the he had not met the person to whom he sent the photos. That means he did not know the age of this person and thus whether she was a minor or not. Sending Full Monty shots of yourself over the web to people whom you do not know is reckless behavior and something that an elected official should never do. Furthermore, sending them to people whom you have never met and, therefore, don’t know is, in my opinion, unethical. The Cumberland News and DJ positions on this (we didn’t report it because it was a private matter) are off the mark because reckless behavior by an elected official, even in a private affair is news. Elected officials represent the people 24-7. They could have reported this without showing the photos.

    Mr. Long’s prediction of an indictment (presumably of Fluffernutter Carl) is also unfortunate. Citizens, especially attorneys, should know better than to predict the outcome of a legal proceeding before it has taken place. Remember the mess Nixon caused when he declared Charles Manson guilty before his trial ever took place. Long’s comments taint any future process on this matter, and are also a veiled threat to anyone who dares to challenge them in the future.

    Then we have Long, Lou, and Lou’s attorney claiming Lou was the victim of a “setup”. Fluffernutter has already rebutted this, but it is worth pointing out that when you find your position being lampooned in Jay Leno’s monologue (as this was Thursday night), you may want to rethink your position (Leno: “Speaking of morons…”).

    Long also blames the embarrassment the county has suffered on the Rs, stating: “I’m wondering if politics is so important to them that it was worth embarrassing every resident of Cumberland County just to give them a shot at control of the freeholder board.” That position won’t work this November Mr. Long. Everyone knows that ultimately this embarrassment falls on Lou’s shoulders (or something) because he took the pictures and sent them. Long is correct in that the county shouldn’t have to suffer international embarrassment from naked pictures of an elected freeholder being released. However, the best way to prevent this is for there to be no pictures out there in the first place. The CCDO is coddling the one who created this mess with his juvenile antics, while, at the same time, trying to shoot (indict) the messenger. What priorities!

    Long and Balicki: Cumberland County’s Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Which one is Tweedledee and which is Tweedledum? Now there’s a mystery worthy of post all by itself.

  5. Sammy "The Chin" Bolognese says:

    Balicki is HATED by the officer of the CCDOC. And many of us know why he got his position there. I wouldn’t look for him to be in that position long after January 2012. He should start submitting resumes now.

  6. WuLi says:

    It is interesting how Long is accusing the Republicans of dirty campaigning, when the R’s have not really begun campaigning yet. In the only campaign letter to even mention this affair, they basically said “it is done and over – now let’s focus on issues”. How Dirty!

    Nothing like the Clean campaigns run by the CCDO like the three obscene mailings last year targeting Bob Greco, a person that was not even running for office!

    Mr. Long – be careful how you categorize me. I am NOT the Republican Party! this site is NOT an arm of the Republican Party – and that has been crystal CLEAR from day one.

    I don’t expect you to take heed – I can see right off the bat that you intend to run a negative campaign filled with lies and slander. You have started it already. What about the issues?

    Oh right – it is your party’s control for the past three decades, along with democratic governorship since I can remember, and Cumberland County bowing to Camden and North Jersey, taking their prisons and prisoners that put us in our current mess. Go ahead – try to blame Christie and me for our current state of affairs. I think the voters are finally beginning to catch on.

  7. fupa says:

    Balicki belongs behind the bars not running a jail let alone a county. Hopefully someone will get the balls to pull him down from the pedestal he places himself on. He thinks he is untouchable “reminds me of someone else, maybe the guy this site is about!” I hope the voters of cumberland county are smart enough to get rid of Balicki. Accountablity starts with the leader.

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