A letter to the editor in today’s News of Cumberland County – by somebody that “gets it”!

To the Editor:

The News of Cumberland County editorial board published, “Lou Magazzu’s legacy larger than scandal,” a debatably skewed claim at best.

I find your editorial humdrum and lacking wisdom, not for what it says, but for what it doesn’t say. You’ve omitted traditional American values rendering it superficial and not worth the read.

I’ll not elaborate on the person or the “scandal” which is just the latest manifestation of humiliation, not to be unexpected in a degenerating liberal society. Since capricious bounds of absolute right and wrong are no longer discernible, I think it useful to instead consider the roots of today’s pervasive collapse of honor and trust in business, education, journalism, government and most other areas of society. Trust is indispensable in society.
But your presumptuous editorial claims, “what we desire most from our leaders are men and women who are hard-working, intelligent and, when necessary, abrasive in order to achieve the best ends for their constituents.” Such bold acuity.

Actually, yours are not the utmost qualities that many traditional Americans respect! This in fact barely differs from “the (best) ends justify the means.” Your shallow, unprincipled philosophy disregards our historic moral and ethical standards that simply get in the way of liberals’ impulsive slapdash expediency.

Principled thinkers might not concur with your deficient criteria for officials. After all, hasn’t every major tyrant in history exhibited a degree of “intelligence, hard work and abrasiveness?”

But devoid of honor, principle and wisdom, “intelligent” tyrants prove to be extremely treacherous, even lethal, as 20th century despots Stalin and Hitler clearly prove. Conspicuously absent traditional virtues such as honor, principle and wisdom, seem to no longer survive in today’s deteriorating liberal culture, not even among esteemed editors.
Thinking readers, however, might insist that, “what we desire most from our leaders” is, yes, intelligent hard-working men and women, but especially those cognizant of and committed to absolute moral and ethical principles with which to steer their decisions and actions.

This winning combination of superior attributes had served us well for the first two centuries of our national history. Liberals’ eradication of essential principles in Humanist academia, their media clones and debased culture is tearing the greatest nation in history to shreds.

Another excerpt reads, “Several have commented on Magazzu’s ethical choices. He had a relationship outside of his marriage, and, in our view, that’s a matter between Magazzu and his family. Did he violate the freeholder board’s ethics policy? We’re pretty sure the policy doesn’t cover marital infidelity.” Merely “a relationship?” Is not “fidelity” a requisite ethic for trustworthy, honorable leadership? Why print such watered-down tripe?

It’s self-evident that marital fidelity is a critical attribute! For an editorial board to underplay cheating and reneging on solemn vows does an enormous disservice to our public mores! Is fidelity of one’s word in keeping sacred vows really not important leadership qualities in editors’ minds?

Of what value then is an oath of office? If any man or wife lacks judgment and faithfulness necessary for the trust of his own family, how can he possibly be entrusted with power and financial authority over other people, most of whom he has never met?
The editorial board should comprehend that marriage and family are a vitally essential element of a viable, sustainable society than any government or institution. Editors should confer the utmost respect and protection of marital fidelity and secure families, not detach and devalue them as not being all that important to society!

It’s sheer insanity to compartmentalize parts of our lives then apply random rules of behavior for each particular individual, for each situation and for each choice or action taken.

Character is character, honor is honor, and absolute principle is absolute principle in all aspects of our lives. Even though none lives up to perfection, we still must never abandon high standards. No liberal “house of cards” built on a squishy foundation of Jello can long stand. We need to scrap liberal nonsense and reconstruct our solid concrete foundations of two centuries.

Editors have a great responsibility to enlighten and inspire people to be honorable. I respectfully suggest that a daring editorial board rediscover time-tested, historic principles in offering influential opinions on issues that impact families and society rather than your shallow, ill-defined pragmatism.

Stop bowing at the altar of moldy “political correctness” and exhibit wisdom and courage. Be part of the solution rather than part of the problem!

Davis Patterson


4 Responses to

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Did U see this Question in the DJ:
    Should Louis Magazzu have resigned his position as Cumberland County freeholder?

    Total votes: 958
    This is not a scientific poll

    Anyone know the RESULTS of this none scientific poll ?

    Can Magazzuwatch do a poll asking this Question?
    Now that Magazzu has Resigned, Will the County of Cumberland be better suited for future Growth as a Whole?
    Yes or No

  2. Richard Hoch says:

    FYI…As of 4:45pm, the News removed this letter to the editor from their site. I wonder why? I know because I posted a comment. Went to see what other comments came after me and it’s off.
    They can’t get it out of the paper…why take it down from the site?
    It gave me a good feeling about the editorial board in that they published a letter that was a bit critical of them. I guess that feeling is gone!

  3. Gary Stein says:

    Hi Richard,these newspapers are so silly. My comments came after yours and never got posted at all. Anyway, remember me, I was on your radio show last yr. Very comfortable it was talking with you. And btw, I kind of agreed with the editorial. Complicated situation.

  4. Chuck says:

    Davis Patterson Fortescue in the make believe world you live in you are right. So your saying that if you see a wrong in life you are to look away not do something about it. You are to say to yourself that did not happen and I will not do anything because in my mind it did not happen.

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