Dunkins seeks to replace Magazzu

Pastor Dunkins announced today he is running to fill the seat left vacant by Lou Magazzu’s premature departure.

Freeholder James Dunkins, who announced earlier this year that he would not seek a new term in November, has announced he will instead run for the unexpired term of Lou Magazzu, who resigned last week.

Magazzu’s resignation Aug. 2 followed online publication of naked photos and texts of email exchanges he had with a woman while still married.

The addition of Dunkins does give the Democrats a pretty powerful slate. Is it enough to save them this fall?  Will Cumberland County continue to defy statewide and national trends, and re-elect the party that has made Cumberland County prominent, in that we believe this is the worst place in New Jersey to live?

I have never met Dunkins, but I have watched him closely. He is to be admired, I think, in that he held fast to personal convictions, and didn’t buckle under Lou’s tyranny on a number of votes.

However, I have to temper this admiration with the fact that I believe he is a hypocrite. Last year, when Jane Jannarone launched her nasty campaign against a non-candidate, James Dunkins refused to take the high road. As a pastor he says he believes in forgiveness – but he showed no mercy when an opponent was to be sacrificed at the political altar.

Dunkins should follow God’s calling and concentrate on the ministry. Even he knows, a believer cannot serve two masters.


2 Responses to Dunkins seeks to replace Magazzu

  1. Calhoun says:

    This move is not surprising, and I agree with Carl’s assessment that the Ds, despite their woes, have put together an impressive slate.

    There is one unresolved wrinkle, however. While, Dunkins can run for the remainder of Lou’s unexpired term, he cannot occupy Lou’s seat prior to the election and re-organization because he is already on the board. I guess the simplest solution would be to have one of the other candidates who aren’t freeholders (i.e., Musso, Surace) fill the slot. Of those two, Musso would be the better choice since she was on the June primary ballot. Another advantage to this is that it would give three of the D candidates incumbency status (the fourth Surace, already has excellent name recognition). So, the Ds could go from having one incumbent (Whelan) to three (Whelan, Dunkins, Musso). The slate also has some distance between it and Lou. Whelan and Dunkins were part of Lou’s era, but they did display independence at times. They both were at the press conference the day Lou resigned. Musso been known to stand up to Lou. Surace is not aligned with Lou, his links being more with Salmon.

    What’s interesting about my hypothetical scenario is that it would result in Musso and Dunkins running for the other’s seat, Musso running for the seat currently held by Dunkins (a full term slot) and Dunkins running for the seat held by Musso (the unexpired portion of Magazzu’s term).

  2. Guess-Who says:

    I L{.}{.}K for an INDEPENDENT to Win the Seat Lou has left Empty with his Resignation in the Special Election 🙂

    Independents are the MAJORITY in Cumberland, NJ.

    Dunkins had been CONTROLLED by Magazzu since the Day he decided to run for the Freeholder Board, Whelan had been NOTHING butt a PUPPET for Lou and as the Freeholder Director is a JOKE as a Leader.

    Remember these Clowns wanted to give the Surrogate the Money he claimed he would NOT accept in 2008 when running for Office, $75,000 to $102.500.
    Bill said, Walking the Walk & Walking the Talk.
    I still have the Video from their 2008 Campaign!

    The Fact that this County remains the Easiest Place in NJ for Gov’t Assistance in the entire State, Speaks Volumes as to WHY the Economy remains the POOREST.

    The SOONER that these Individuals are REPLACED the Better Off this County will be.

    Who can jump the HURDLES & stay on Track for the People of Cumberland County will Win in Nov.

    I don’t give a _ _ _ _ what anyone claims about how good a Slate either Party has Presented for the Upcoming Election.

    It’s Time for Major CHANGES in this County & NOT from ones that are a Part of the System D’s or R’s!

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

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