Cumberland County One-Stop – one stop and you’re out!

County services under the Cumberland County Democrat Freeholders really do leave a lot to be desired. Here is one horror story a friend sent in. I have edited it a bit to maintain their privacy, but here it is in a nutshell:

I got laid off in 2010. I took courses at Cumberland County College and did some volunteer work. I wanted to update my resume with this new information. A friend told me about a One-Stop employee who had given a presentation to unemployed people about changing careers and resume writing. She had helped him with his resume.
Great, I thought, so I gave her a call. She pretty much told me to get lost. She said it wasn’t her job to help with resumes, and that her role at the One-Stop was working with small business start-ups. I reminded her that she had helped my friend, and she replied that she had only done that as a “favor” to someone.
Being kind of taken aback by her lack of cooperation,  I contacted her boss, Anthony Chiesa. He was even worse. I got a condescending email from him telling me that this employee does “great work” while also telling me that it wasn’t her job to help me. He was no help either, and summed up his message with “Good luck with your job search.”
Okay, Carl. I’ve been unemployed for a year-and-a-half and have collected unemployment pretty much the whole time. That’ll run out eventually. The medical benefits from my previous employer have ended. I’m 50 years old and trying to job hunt in a lousy job market and I’m not having much luck.
I don’t expect special treatment, but you’d think someone from the state Department of Labor might actually want to help me. I mean, it may have taken this employee maybe 15 minutes, maybe a half-hour to go over my resume and make suggestions.  It could have been done via email at her convenience. And yet they were willing to do nothing.
That’s bad enough, but then I emailed Freeholder Whelan with this story and never even got a response. So I emailed him a second time and still got nothing. That really made me shake my head.

Okay – so we blew the lid off the fabrication of a so-called One-Stop Cumberland – Vineland One-Stop Career Center. They don’t help professional people find careers apparently, only small businesses. The website plainly states that one of the services offered is “Resume development assistance“.  I guess at every other One-Stop center in New Jersey, just not this one.

What  is really sad is that our Freeholder director couldn’t even pick up the phone and make a call on behalf of a constituent. He’s too busy making sure that his party maintains control, so that the residents of Cumberland County can be on the receiving end of more abuse such as this. What bank is Whelan president of? I will make sure that we avoid doing business there.


7 Responses to Cumberland County One-Stop – one stop and you’re out!

  1. fred says:

    I don’t know about the freeloafer (there all the same) but one stop does help. What you have to do is join the PSG at one stop. That is professional services group. I’ve been laid off since December 30, 2009 and I worked in Delaware. I joined PSG in March of 2010. Since then I have been able to use their computers for job hunting, their services for resume help and guest speakers twice a month. You must join to get these benefits and help. If you are not a registered member, you will not get much help.

  2. WuLi says:

    Fred – thanks for the info. It would, of course, have been nice if the EMPLOYEES provided this information to my friend instead of saying, “That is not my job”.

  3. fred says:

    Agreed..I suggest you tell your friend to visit the Vineland one stop and ask for Karen Burton. She is one of the people there that work with PSG. She can tell your friend what needs to be done to join and when. I remember I had to sit through an orientation first. You will also be issued a photo ID card which will permit the member to get into the back where the PSG room is. Members are also sent every week a special list of jobs for every county in ithe area. Also over half the the members are professionals with degrees. I hope this helps. Any questions just e-mail me. week

  4. Interesting and a tough story. We’re in a slow economic decent and these gov’t workers have almost lifetime guaranteed jobs and very little understanding of the real world. Carl, you’re doing a service with this blog. If you’ve seen anything I’ve written you know I ragged you just a little bit over publishing the pictures. I did say, though, not much choice sometimes. If I had pics of LoBiondo, I’d put them out there myself. He’s actually worse than any of these other boobs. Wish I could get somebody to get it! If you’re ever interested in a phone call and hearing my story, I’d be more than happy.

  5. joe says:

    I was a employment counselor at the county employment and training. I was let go with half doz. others. Now i report to PSG group and trying to figure out why money was so short that we had to cut staff. Maybe the reason on one could help you is because they cut budgets for no reason. The Freeholders got rid of a key front lobby employee and now there is sometimes confusion on where you need to go when you need help.

    Remember workers there only are paid to work 6.5 hours in a day and there are limits to how many quality visits they can maintain in 35 hour work week. Ask your Freeholders to do something about jobs. Seems both parties are avoiding the issue.

  6. joe says:

    copy and paste this link in your brower
    Long-Term Unemployed Losing Hold On Middle Class

    First Posted: 8/31/11 07:51 AM ET Updated: 8/31/11 11:47 AM ET

    If anyone in America could plausibly claim immunity to the unemployment crisis, Joe Sangataldo figured to be the guy. He earned his wages at a county social services center in southern New Jersey, where he helped jobless welfare recipients try to find work. In a nation beset by relentless decline, here was a rare growth industry, one with staying power.

  7. WuLi says:

    Joe, Thanks for your continuing input.

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