Doug Long & Dunkins think Cumberland County is just fine in last place

The Democrats are scrambling to select candidates to fill Lou Magazzu’s prematurely empty slot. James Dunkins resigned prior to the primary, and like Brett Favre is having second thoughts.

Dunkins, on vacation Thursday and unable to be reached, said in another statement Thursday, “This group of candidates has convinced me that there is still great work that I can accomplish as a freeholder. I want to be a part of this ticket, and I would have felt remiss to pass up this unique opportunity to serve on the board for at least another year.”

Long said party control of the freeholder board shaped his decision.

“It’s a control year, and the reverend thought he didn’t want to chance the Republican philosophy coming into control, so he decided to take on that challenge for one more year.”

You may ask, why the inflammatory title to this article? Doug Long is hellbent, apparently on any new ideas coming into the Freeholder board. His Democrats have done such a fine job in the last three decades, a job to be proud of. Under Lou’s leadership we have the lingering NACo scandal. We have pay to play, businesses and politicos donating to Camden County and north in exchange for Camden money coming into the CCDO, and OUR jobs going to Camden companies.

And can somebody please tell me why we hired a firm from Chicago to handle the sale of the Manor? Are there absolutely NO qualified Realtors in Cumberland County, or at least in New Jersey, that can handle this project? Did the legendary “other woman” from have anything to do with this deal?

And we would be remiss to mention that a majority of county residents, in a poll, think Cumberland County sucks. We have the highest teen pregnancy, highest unemployment (all the while the CCDO sends our jobs to Camden firms) and top (or bottom) all of the wrong lists!

And Doug Long has the nerve to imply that he and Dunkins will not entertain any other ideas than theirs!


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