Magazzu’s replacement to be chosen

There are three candidates in the running for Lou Magazzu’s empty Freeholder slot:

The six freeholders will have their choice of one of three candidates chosen last week by the Cumberland County Democratic Organization’s party committee.

The three are:

* Charlie Thomas, from Bridgeton, former chairman of the Cumberland County College Board of Trustees.

* Donna Pearson, former Bridgeton city councilwoman and county freeholder.

* Francis J. Riley, a member of the county Democratic Party committee (not to be confused with area Republican Fran Reilly).

In my opinion, the quality candidate from this bunch would be Donna Pearson, hands down. I know for a fact that Donna would be the last one to continue with Magazzu style dirt-bag politics.   If she is selected, perhaps Whelan should ten step down as Director and give it to the more qualified candidate. Pearson has proven herself a person that is above CCDO gutter politics.

Whelan is the last vestige of Lou Magazzu’s regime. He learned the wrong way to run this county from his master, Magazzu. He was all too happy to be involved with last years gutter campaign against a non-candidate; the sooner he is out, the better.


5 Responses to Magazzu’s replacement to be chosen

  1. I truly believe there are better candidates than those three. I thought there was going to be a fresh start for the D’s/?

  2. WuLi says:

    The candidate, I understand, (two were never seriously considered) is Charlie Thomas.

    Charlie will rubber-stamp their votes through November, and they will push through a lot of bad business at taxpayers’ expense.

    We will be watching closely.

  3. new2cumberland says:

    Any backstory on these candidates please. Sorry, I have no idea who they are, what they do. Except for Thomas with the college google wasn’t much help. Couldn’t even find Riley. He/She related to the Assemblywoman from the 3rd family? Thanks.

  4. WuLi says:

    Donna Pearson was a former Freeholder – she served with Lou and he threw her under the bus when he was through with her. He did that to anyone that no longer was useful to him.

    I don’t always agree with her politics, and there was one midnight deal that she and Lou were involved in prior to him discarding her – but she otherwise, IMO, is honest and hardworking.

    I understand that Charlie – who is prehistoric – was forced off of the board of the college. If he is not fit to serve on a college board, do we want him as a freeholder?

    And I know nothing about Riley – but the last name in itself is enough to give me caution. One Riley as Freeholder was enough – he was rude and demeaning to citizens that voiced an opinion.

  5. new2cumberland says:

    Thanks WuLi—agree with you on the Riley( the spelling is the same & they are Legion in #’s around here.) I remember the D.O., former freeholder, now vintner too way back when you exposed the C.Clay mailings @ the last freeholder election. He was obnoxious with an entitled attitude and super-defensive. Remember? The “who are you?” rant. Anonymity really seems to get to these people. BTW any more action from Ms. Clay and her agency???? I haven’t seen or heard anything at all on that group, well, ever.

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