Linda Forbes sends Jack Hummel over the edge

The Star Ledger printed an editorial about me that I never addressed. Some things are really not worth commenting on – especially when they are so biased and skewed. Besides taking a few comments out of context to make their point, the editorial called me a “cyberbully“. Reading the comments to the online article, most were critical of the star ledger’s editorial policy.

Unbeknownst to me, a friend, Linda Forbes, forwarded one of the comments to the editorial to Jack Hummel.That comment was not written by me, the writer is much more eloquent than I am. However, the last line is important. The Star Ledger implies that a citizen (me) practicing their First  Amendment rights by maintaining a political blog outlining ethical lapses of a Democrat politician is a criminal act much the same as twisted people harassing children online, causing them to commit suicide. The Star Ledger would certainly have no issue with any blogger doing the same to a Republican.

Jack Hummel boasted that he printed EVERYTHING. It turns out he was twisting the truth – he doesn’t print everything. In fact, Linda’s simple request to print the following really twisted Jack’s panties into a knot. The following is Linda’s email to Hummel:

Since BEN published the Star Ledger editorial on the Magazzu affair, I think it is appropriate to note that all 12 responding comments online were critical of the editorial.  I thought this comment from someone calling themselves “CumbCo” was especially interesting.  I know it slams your paper, but in fairness, I hope you will  print it in BEN. It would be a credit to the News if it gives voice to the other side of the story:

“Lou Magazzu, bullied?! LOL! This editorial exposes the Star Ledger editorial board as the true ding dongs. Some background is in order. Magazzu ruled down here with an iron fist, humiliating anyone who dared to question him. County employees were subjected to terrible treatment by him at public meetings, while private citizens who challenged him had “war” declared on them. He doled out contract after contract to one politically connected crony after another. He commented publicly on more than one occasion on Mr. Johnson’s private matter, and the SL’s flaccid local appendage down here, the News of Cumberland County, printed Magazzu’s comments. In fact the CC News, until just before Magazzu’s end, was pretty much part of Magazzu’s empire, the main guy there writing once that he liked Lou because Lou “slurped his coffee.” (No fooling that’s what was printed.)

There is no record of all the misdeeds of Magazzu because your impotent Cumberland News never printed anything, the folks there content to listen to Lou slurp his coffee. However, go to Magazzu Watch and you can read all about it. The photos are a mere blip at Magazzu Watch. And by the way, whatever happened to personal responsibility? Magazzu engaged in unbelievably reckless behavior unbecoming of a public official. Someone prone to taking such risks in their private affairs may do so in other matters, and, thus, should not be representing the public.

Magazzu resigned on his own volition; he was not forced to do so. He did so because the public is sick and tired of its politicians behaving like teenagers. We’re also becoming sick and tired of editorials like this one that defend those who betray the public trust.

SL come spend some time down here talking to people before you go painting Magazzu as the victim of cyber-bullying. Furthermore, your characterization of Magazzu as a cyber-bully victim does an injustice to true victims of cyber-bullying, such as the late Tyler Clementi from Rutgers.”

Linda Forbes

What is interesting are the many replies from Jack to this email. It seems it got under his skin, and he kept replying, over and over.

From: Jack Hummel []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 4:16 PM
To: Linda Forbes
Subject: Re: Item for BEN

No, I don’t think so.
Comments at the bottom of the column online is not the same as in the coulmn (sic).

Okay, so Jack first differentiates between reprinting an editorial from another paper from a comment to that editorial as having different levels of importance. One is not worthy of his column simply because it was a comment on an editorial.  In fact, Jack has been strangely and uncharacteristically silent on Lou Magazzu’s recent public dilemma. But it is no secret that The News of Cumberland County in general and Jack Hummel in particular have been very protective and one-sided in their reporting of news that affects Magazzu. One might even say their brand of journalism is “slanted”.

Linda Forbes replied, “No, Jack, actually I didn’t think you would print it, but I thought it would be interesting to see your reaction.  I know the MWatch people, and I think they will be interested too!  I know you are a friend of Magazzu, but from where I sit, he reached a well-deserved end.  I will remain neutral on the aspersions cast on your paper, but I think the Star Ledger editorial was way off base.  The last line says it all — it is an injustice to true victims of cyber-bullying.”

This really pushed Jack over the edge.

From: Jack Hummel []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 4:52 PM
To: Linda Forbes
Subject: Re: Item for BEN

You think it would behoove us to print that crap?!

From: Jack Hummel []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 5:14 PM
To: Linda Forbes
Subject: Re: Item for BEN

If this guy was such a bully, why did he keep getting re-elected?
Why did he head the Democratic party?
Why did Christy, Peterson and Lookabaugh get defeated?
Was the lection rigged?
If somebody is going to spew venom, at least back it up with facts.
I say the prosecutor’s office should NEVER have been allowed to screw us.
Apparently, freeholders didn’t feel that way.
They didn’t want to fight it because it would cost more money.
And you want me to run that crap from someone who doesn’t want to be identified?

From: Jack Hummel []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 5:14 PM
To: Linda Forbes
Subject: Re: Item for BEN

I am not a friend of Magazzu.

From: Jack Hummel []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 5:15 PM
To: Linda Forbes
Subject: Re: Item for BEN

I think the editorial was right on.
I am not a friend of Magazzu, but you hate Magazzu.
Start off your commentary that way.
I really don’t care what you think of me or the paper.

From: Jack Hummel []
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 5:16 PM
To: Linda Forbes
Subject: Re: Item for BEN

You’ve got nerve!

I really don’t know what more to write, I think Jack said it all! But at least we know now where Jack draws the line. He won’t allow anything in the Ben column that doesn’t defend his hero, Lou Magazzu. One has to wonder just why the News of Cumberland County is so invested in Lou Magazzu’s political career? The paper claims to be unbiased – but here you have it folks.


8 Responses to Linda Forbes sends Jack Hummel over the edge

  1. First of all if you wanted to put something in that paper send it to Mat Gray. Jack Hummel has a ragg column not a worth wise news column. He will twist things up so he has the last word.

  2. WuLi says:

    Well, since it IS Jack’s column, he has the right to print what he wants and to comment. I didn’t expect that he would print Linda’s letter, neither did she. What we find amusing are his multiple responses. It sent him into a tizzy!

  3. new2cumberland says:

    Bravo to you both!!!! Anyone who goes against that creep Hummel is awesome!!! That guy writes like he is omnipotent….what a tool. I remember a thread way back where the area Democrats referred to him as an a$$h***,but their a$$h**** he actually re-printed it in that “my kind of town” tagline!!! Like he was proud of it or something, he is pathetic, really if he wasn’t so arrogant I might be tempted to pity him.

  4. Guess-Who says:

    From: Jack Hummel []
    Sent: Friday, August 19, 2011 5:14 PM

    “I say the prosecutor’s office should NEVER have been allowed to screw us.
    Apparently, freeholders didn’t feel that way.
    They didn’t want to fight it because it would cost more money”.

    This Statement is PATHETIC to say the least, Clueless is the only way I would or could describe this statement from Mr. Hummel.

    If you are reading this, remember that VICTIMS of CRIMES have Rights also, and the FACTS as They are STUBBORN THINGS was that the P.O. of Cumberland,NJ did NOT meet the Standards to Perform their DUTY according to the Settlement that was REACHED between the Prosecutors Office & the Cumberland Board of Chosen Freeholders.
    This EXCUSE that you have used is LAME and an INSULT to the Citizens of Cumberland,NJ.

    Justice is something that Every AMERICAN Expects and Deserves under the Rule of Law in which this Country Adheres to.

    The $12 Million Dollar Agreement that was AGREED to by the Freeholders, was the Beginning of EXPOSING the TRUTH about this County.
    The DELAY of Providing a 21st Century FACILITY that was in the Agreement is 3+ years past Due and might have caused the PO to Plea-Bargain with CRIMINALS that should have been Convicted of more SERIOUS CRIMES!

    I never have Approved of using the Old Vine Street School as a Place for the New Prosecutors Office and believe this Facility will NOT house the entire Staff of Employees when finished, which in affect will create the INABILITY for TOTAL JUSTICE for Victims of Crimes in this County.

    I have argued for Justice for All on this Issue for many Years and will NOT accept Lame Excuses.

    CHECKS and BALANCE make the County a Better Place

  5. new2cumberland says:

    BTW, something equally hilarious from Hummel—his use of (sic) after the misspelling of the word ” column” Really!!! This guy has nerve—he can barely spell “a”! And since when is he concerned with what is right and proper?(his use of behooves) he is llower than the scum you can see now @ the bottom of Sunset Lake!

  6. Jennifer Swift says:

    Hummel didn’t really say “You’ve got nerve!” did he? That is so funny! I can almost picture him slapping his little white gloves on the table and walking away. (I wish !)

  7. abondroit says:

    Hummel is a piece of work who doesn’t intimidate LInda. Jack, when are you and Lou going to get it? The world does not revolve around either of you. The two of you are small minnows treading water in a puddle.

  8. Happy Camper says:

    Pity poor BEN.

    His hero, Lou, has been exposed – by of all people, Lou!

    BEN sees his world crashing down around him.

    Political kings deposed. Union thugs put in their place. Taxpayers taking back their county and country.

    Poor BEN is confused and flailing in desperation.

    Every time a bitter thought flashes through his brittle brain, he fires off another juvenile e-mail to anyone who dares challenge him.

    Sadly, the e-mails are exactly like his newspaper: biased, poorly written and childish.

    Pity poor BEN.

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