Democrats appoint Charlie Thomas to fill Magazzu’s vacated seat

This just in:

The Cumberland County Democratic Organization, deciding not to wait until the county freeholders’ meeting tomorrow, met and voted Monday evening to appoint Charlie Thomas to fill former Freeholder Lou Magazzu’s seat on the board until January.

Thomas, a Bridgeton resident, is the former chairman of the Cumberland County College Board of Trustees.

In appointing Thomas, the Democrats are assured of having a critical rubber-stamp yes vote, someone that will not ask critical or embarrassing questions. MWatch will be paying careful attention to all votes between now and November, as it is expected that a lot of lousy votes will be made as Whelan attempts to reward friends of the party while they are still in control of the county.


6 Responses to Democrats appoint Charlie Thomas to fill Magazzu’s vacated seat

  1. Jennifer Swift says:

    Charlie is a perfect “seat holder”. No agenda, no disruption, no thoughts. Just what they want.

  2. Guess-Who says:

    When will the Charlie Thomas Bobble-Heads be made available for the Public to Purchase ?
    Will the 1st 25 Citizens who attend the Freeholder Meeting Tuesday Aug 23, 2011 RECEIVE a C.T. Bobble-Head ?

    WTF, I hear that Lou has been in Conversation with Members on the Board of Freeholders since his Resignation Aug 2, 2011.

    Jen, a “Seat Holder” more like a Pacifier!

  3. WuLi says:

    If anybody thinks for a minute that Lou has ceased trying to influence the county Freeholders – well, I have a bridge to sell them!

    I can especially imagine the conversations in back rooms (in violation of Sunshine Laws) considering my latest OPRA requests about investigations into the Manor.

  4. Who knew? says:

    I just hope Lou is not trying to influence the other freeholders and especially the county employees. I feel certain he has the county democratic party figure heads in his closed tight fists telling them every move to make. He’ll never go away; he’ll never be completely out of here. Realize it, who else wants him?

  5. Deparego says:

    We all have to give the devil his due – Lou is a very skilled politician and is a master of back room politics. (BTW, poli means many and tics are blood sucking mites, but I digress). Mr. Balicki would probably like to retain his power/prestige/salary as the County Jail Warden so he needs the Ds to stay in power. Mr. Long needs to learn the community and who can be used. Lou can still manage people in this county so he may be “behind the scenes” for the November elections. Charlie will do as he is told with the promise he will get something bigger and better in January – mark my words. You need to watch his “governance” throught the end of the year, not just until elections in November. A lot of last minute deals are made at the end of the year. I truly doubt it will get any better because no one here sees the big picture and are unable to do what really needs to be done. Vine School is a total waste of money and will not even support the Prosecutor Office needs so someone should have grown some and diverted the money to expanding the county administration complex – job creation as well as common sense. Old housing stock should be looked at for renovations and real housing instead of all of the rental and emergency assistance given out by the government and non-profits to shelters and motels. Again, job creation. Enough said – I need a drink to calm the agita.

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