Colorado Patti chimes in – but Jack Hummel ignores her

Colorado Patti, major contributor to the Ben Column in the Bridgeton News, penned this brief letter. Jack Hummel, who claims he “prints everything” once again failed us. He is hell-bent on protecting his boy, Lou Magazzu. It is with pleasure that I print another letter that Jack won’t touch.

As an employee of the Federal governmant, I know a little bit about public trust and personal responsibility. I know that the government has a firewall for computer networks that blocks certain Web sites. I know that personal electronic devices (BlackBerries, cell phones, iPads, etc.) are supposed to be used for official business. I think the thing to do, at this point, is to determine if the photos were sent from Magazzu’s government-issued cell phone, or from his personal cell phone (not paid for by the taxpayers). If these photos were sent from a taxpayer-paid cell phone, then he got what he deserved. Personally, I believe that an elected official has to be held to a higher standard—that elected official is entrusted with the public’s trust. If I still lived in Cumberland County, I would be extremely mad that my elected official was sending gross photos of his obese naked body to ANYONE. Those photos are absolutely gross. Some bodies are better-off covered. Colorado Patti

And here Patti hits the crux of the matter. An OPRA request was submitted, and the county has still not been forthright in responding to the full scope of the request. What I do know is that the county did at one time issue a Blackberry to Lou Magazzu. It is of the same model that Lou used to take certain photographs. But we still cannot ascertain if that Blackberry was returned to the county, or somehow “given” to Lou as his own… It is possible that Lou had a new Blackberry that was paid for by the CCDO. What I am fairly certain of, however, is that he did not purchase ot pay for the phone himself. Lou NEVER paid for anything himself! He is the king of AUSM! (Always Use Someone-else’s Money)


2 Responses to Colorado Patti chimes in – but Jack Hummel ignores her

  1. ?????? says:

    Colorado Patty should send her comments as a letter to the editor.
    It will likely be printed without Jack’s censorship.

  2. Ive said it time and again always send it to the editor not to Jack Hummel.

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