The beginning of my latest quest…

I was going to wait until I had the entire story before posting this. however, it seems that the powers that be in Cumberland county are hell-bent at preventing me from getting any information. OPRA requests are denied, or they claim that the requested document “does not exist”. However, I know for a fact that it exists.

So, what started me on this current quest? A couple years ago I had an off-the-record with an employee of the Cumberland Manor. They were a big fan of MagazzuWatch, and began offering information before having second thoughts, and zipping up.

However, I did find this letter in my mail one day, in an envelope bearing no return address. The envelope contained nothing else, but this was enough to get me started snooping. Some fortuitous leads from other anonymous people, and I had enough information to begin asking questions.

One of the questions was, who is the person referenced in this letter? Well, it turns out she was a realtor working at Jane Jannarone’s Exit Realty. THAT explains the apparent cover-up by the county! Lou Magazzu will not allow anything to befall his darling Jane. And apparently those who owe their jobs to Lou are willing to continue his bidding.

Click on the letter to enlarge it. It was addressed to Mr. Peter “See No Evil” Harvey – no surprise that the investigation went nowhere. Or did it? I am still trying to find out answers. Why, for instance, did said clerk retire on a state pension? Did Jannarone’s Exit Realty benefit by this person’s unethical practices? Why was this never made public? Was this mismanagement part of the reason for the millions of dollars in losses annually by the Manor?

So, my friends, I am still looking for information. If anyone would like to use our contact page to send info, or just place your leads in an envelope addressed to me, I think we have a story that our local media have overlooked. And they ARE aware of some of it. All contact information will be kept confidential.

3 Responses to The beginning of my latest quest…

  1. ?????? says:

    They will most likelywill not give you information due to it involving a personnel issue. Kavanaugh will cover this one with that excuse. It would very interesting to find out about the N.J. investigation at the 911 Center. Word is that 2 employees are on paid administrative leave while this long time probe continues.

  2. How much worse can it get. Why isn’t the Prosecutor investigating the Manor issue that is her responsiblity. Maybe you should also send a copy of that letter to her personally or stop by and discuss it with her. You would be better off to hold her feet to the fire then we will see if politics holds true. Good luck.

  3. Gary Stein says:

    Carl, I like your commitment but sorry to say you might have peaked. The incident(s) above are repeated all over the country, not really that surprising, and after the nude photo hoopla, you’re now branded major pain in the ass-upstart, by local media. They will not follow up on this. They don’t like guys like you (or me). Soooooooo, make your notoriety count, I just wish somebody, perhaps you, would help me expose the fraud that is Frank LoBiondo. He’s corrupted two election cycles as this video proves…….think about it Carl. You run for Congress in 2012, let me know now, and I won’t, and I’ll help YOU!!!

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