Time clocks in the county

With spending out of control, and county taxes making it nigh impossible to afford to live in the poorest county in New Jersey, one has to wonder how much is being wasted in salaries for people that don’t show up to work. For instance the 911 Call Center and The Manor… I am hearing reports of management not even showing up to work, but collecting paychecks.

To combat this sort of fraud, the county did institute a time clock policy – even management and salaried individuals were required to clock in for work. It is a shame when the people in power cannot be trusted to do their jobs. What is more shameful, however, is when the powers that be create a work-around, and do an end run around policies that have a sole purpose of protecting the taxpayers.

The time-clock policy was corrupted when senior salaried employees were instructed to only clock in, not to clock out. Clocking in would “prove they were at work that day” but then would allow them to immediately leave the premises and be credited for working a full shift.

It is my understanding that this malfeasance has been documented. I am looking for the smoking gun. I would welcome any information on this. And trust me, folks, this is jsut the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Cumberland Conty is more corrupt than even I wanted to imagine. You should see the stuff that gets dropped on my front porch!

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