Judge Krell agrees, “something improper”

Good news -the election fraud in Fairfield Twp. is not going to be swept under the carpet.

A new election for county Democratic Committee in Fairfield Township in Cumberland County will be held on Sept. 27, Superior Court Judge David Krell ordered Thursday.

Further, Krell asked the state Attorney General’s office to turn the case over to their criminal justice division to consider pursuing a full investigation.

“I have my suspicions that something that happened here was improper,” Krell said during the second hearing of a case that involves the reliability of the Sequoia AVC Advantage voting machine.

We will never know what truly happened, unless people start to speak. However, knowing what I have learned about Cumberland County politics, it is going to take a lot to convince me that this was not out and out election fraud. At the very least it was gross negligence and abuse of the people’s trust.We need to be sure that when we pull the lever, our ballots are cast for the people that we selected. This clearly did not happen in Fairfield Twp. And now every single recent election where these machines have been used is suspect. I can say with authority that we have no clue if the people sitting in elected office were duly elected.


2 Responses to Judge Krell agrees, “something improper”

  1. Carl I agree with you. In an election you can tell pretty much how its going to turn out except for parts of Vineland and Millville. If these machines were tampered like in Fairfied nobody would have never none. The important thing now is who can one trust. How will protocol be in Novembers election and who will oversee these machines. Good job Judge Krell.

  2. Jennifer Swift says:

    What a mess ! Not only were the names inputed into the computer incorrectly before the election, but someone erased the information from the computer the day before the inspector was to arrive. The security system and the human checks failed to detect the error. So, will you ever truly know if the next election in November is honest and correct?
    Here is an example of what could take place. Choose a district where Sam Fiocchi should do very well (say, the sixth ward in Vineland). If the board of elections reverses his name on the cartridge with his opponent (as happened in the Zirkle case), he will then receive the votes meant for his opponent rather than the votes of his own supporters,thus reducing his vote count.
    The Zirkles were able to demonstrate that they had reversed the numbers because the total vote count was less than fifty votes. It took all of their voters signing affadavits to prove the issue. This would be an improbable task in a larger election.
    There is no paper trail to check the accuracy.
    Judge Krell made an excellent observation when he stated that “something improper” has probably happened.

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