Something fishy here – election fraud in Fairfield

The more I dig, the more I find that corruption runs deep in Cumberland County. It seems every rug hides dirty secrets. The latest news on the election fraud in Fairfield Twp. is that computer files were erased the day before an investigator arrived to survey what is most assuredly outright election fraud, and not simply human error.

An expert witness who investigated Primary Election day results here
believes pertinent computer files were erased the day before his visit.

According to court documents, Andrew Appel acknowledged what the county board of elections has already stated — the positions of Cynthia and Ernest Zirkle were swapped on the electronic ballot with Vivian and Mark Henry.

“The majority of voters pressed buttons corresponding to the Zirkles and the minority voted for the Henrys,” wrote Appel, Princeton University Computer Science department chair who has studied Sequoia AVC Advantage voting machines in great depth.

One has to ask why this election, why the Zirkles? One only has to look back to a recent election when a host of former high-ranking Democrats defected, and ran as Independents for Freeholder. The reason they jumped ship was solely due to the dictatorial leadership of Lou Magazzu. They all witnessed conduct that they felt was unethical and unprofessional. They did not want to be professionally associated to the Cumberland County Democratic Party, which they saw as corrupt to the very core.

With this latest discovery of apparent tampering of critical computer files in the county, the timing and act is very suspicious. When there are allegations of election fraud, there are worse things than someone’s computer “running slow.” This entire story sounds hokey. At this point, a forensic computer expert needs to be called in. The hard drive needs to be confiscated by top law enforcement and analyzed.

One has to wonder just how many other elections in this county have been tampered with?


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  1. Panama foundation says:

    The logs record changes and other events that occur on voting systems to ensure the integrity of elections and help determine what occurred in a system when something goes wrong..Deleting a log is something that you would only do in de-commissioning a system youre no longer using or perhaps in a testing scenario said Princeton University computer scientist Ed Felten who has studied voting systems extensively.

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