More time clock madness!

I received the following tidbits from yet another source from the inside. I have edited the original quite a bit, but here is the gist…

A quick note with respect to “time clocks ticking away…” the policy at the OEM/9-1-1 Center is the secretary for each office keeps track of time, but the Director must sign the time sheets before it goes to payroll.

Here’s the skinny… both secretaries have to do what they are told and three of the managers refuse to report their whereabouts should they have failed to show for work, arrived late, or left early!

On the 9-1-1 side, several hourly employees also abuse the time clock regularly.  In many cases, they are late coming to, or leave the office early, take several hours off for a lunch,or simply leave after an hour of work for a “doctor’s appointment”. They simply skip clocking in/out, and their time is manually entered when payroll is due.

Secondly, and even more egregious, is a certain Director has a habit of taking female employees off for a ride, and sometimes to his home, on the clock, in a county vehicle. This Director and said employees have lots and lots of rendezvouses on a daily basis.

So, can anyone out there tell me the identity of the individual who took a county vehicle to Pittsburgh on a family vacation in 2009? Was the county ever reimbursed for this personal trip?


5 Responses to More time clock madness!

  1. Guess-Who says:

    “I have edited the original quite a bit, but here is the gist”

    I say, Print the WHOLE Thing or Don’t Print Anything!

    Nobody wants the GIST they want the FACTS, The Truth of the Matter!

    This is Non-Sense, when the FACTS are being left out of the STORY!

  2. WuLi says:

    The problem, GW, is that I will be the one served, not you, if I name names of public employees without solid substantiation of the facts. Public employees are not the same as appointed or elected officials, where there is a lot more leeway in what I can post. plus, event though I trust my sources, even I have been known to have been in error once or twice. So I will wait for the OPRAs I submit to be rejected before going on to the next step in the process.

  3. CBKennedy(previous new2cumberland) says:

    @WuLi—absolutely, cover yourself first,you stick your neck out far enough. BTW I have noticed in the BEN column recently many kudos being printed regarding the 911 call center & Cumberland manor, have you noticed it too? Perhaps this is in response to your gathering evidence/ info on the corruption in same. The paper won’t do any investigative reporting,but they will print the saccharin propaganda press releases,ugh. That paper is the worst. Please start a Patch.

  4. Hang 'em High says:

    you cannot EXpect what you do not INspect

  5. Gary Stein says:

    this is how you take a nice jewish boy brought up as a liberal and make him into a conservative. stories like this. good job, carl.

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