CCDO Chair Long Wants Another Thirty Years!

The Daily Journal ran an article today on the upcoming political race in the county. The article touches briefly on Bob Austino’s incompetence, re: a fully automatic tactical assault weapon was left in the middle of the street.

But the item I find most interesting is Doug Long blaming Chris Christie for Cumberland County’s economic situation. I am sorry Doug, but your candidates are not running for governor – Christie is NOT your opposition. This campaign tactic of misdirection is straight out of Lou Magazzu’s play book. Lou blamed George Bush for Cumberland County’s woes in prior elections. It is always somebody’s fault except the people that have run this county for thirty-plus years – the Cumberland County Democratic Organization.

Whether Cumberland is “at the top of the wrong lists,” like unemployment and teen pregnancy, isn’t in dispute. In fact, that’s been a catchphrase in county politics for at least a decade.

Long, though, says his party will do more than talk about it. “You’re either sitting on the sidelines and complaining about it or you are getting in the game,” he said.

Doug, your party has been sitting on the sidelines – at  least as far as these issues are concerned – for three decades. Why only now, do you want to have a summit? And why exclude a good portion of Cumberland County residents – Republicans for instance? It is obvious that your party has failed considerably. Your only answer for the last decade has been to point the fingers at anybody and everybody that is not involved in the actual decisions affecting this county.

All I have seen have been considerable abuses under your party’s oversight. Time clock scandals, people being paid for not working, people taking trips in county vehicles, money that cannot be accounted for. Perhaps it is time for the people that have run this county for thirty years to be benched, and allow a new team to take over the ball court.


4 Responses to CCDO Chair Long Wants Another Thirty Years!

  1. Carl I believe you are dead on the money. I remember when the D’s thought it was a great idea to be the poorist county in the state. WHY? So they could reap in 5ate money’s. Just take a look what was created by our tax dollars and abused. THE ABBOT SCHOOL DISTRICTS. Look at Bridgeton the largest Historic District Why so the state could send moore money down here. The moore money given to Cumberland County the moore abuse. The people that live in these area’s will not change there way of thinking. It’s the hard working middle class Democract’s who have to help make the change untill they realize this, the county will never change. I tried some 15 years ago but was squashed like a bug. Good luck my friend and stay focused.

  2. Calhoun says:

    I loved this quote by Long: “”Our three candidates are so head and shoulders above their three candidates that complacency may set in in our party. But if you run Mary Gruccio, now you’ve got an election. That wakes everybody up.”

    Huh? Maybe Long needs to wake the hell up and learn how to count. The Ds have four candidates on the slate: Dunkins, Muso, Surace, and Whelan. And, oh yeah, if just one of the Ds lose, then control of the freeholder board switches to the Rs. Nonetheless, the Ds appear content to be complacent unless the great Mary Gruccio swoops in to wake them up. Moe used say to Curly something like: “Hey puddinhead wake up and go to sleep.” Our county might be better off if Long went back to sleep.

  3. Guess-Who says:

    This Stooges Clip

  4. Guess-Who says:

    use this link:

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