No fun working at the OEM and 911 Call Center

I have to gather that the 911 Call Center and the Office of Emergency Management are not fun places to work. At least that is the only conclusion I can draw after learning there are four separate EEOC Complaints currently being investigated.

The first complaint was filed a while back. The person that filed the complaint was fired. It was well over a year before the other three people filed complaints, deterred because of the consequences of speaking out in Cumberland County.

I learned today that Joe Rossi was served notice that the county is now under investigation on federal charges related to this malfeasance. The four complaints each have more than single charges attached. I know the first complaint contains three charges.

So, what does this mean to you? I understand the county is retaining 4 to 6 attorneys for its defense. The Freeholders under Magazzu and now Whelan are and were well aware of these problems, and completely ignored them. Now the legals fees will be extravagant, and four employees will receive compensatory damages.

So, who out there can tell me the relationship between Bill Whelan and Matlock? Does anyone know about the day trips to Cow Town on the county dime? Does anyone have details, such as dates, when the 911 Call Center time records might have been falsified?


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