Gary Simmerman admits the Manor began losing money under Lou Magazzu

I am perusing the online minutes from previous County Freeholder meetings. These minutes are sorely lacking in many details, to the point of almost being useless – but every now and then there is a gem. For instance, at the July 26, 2011 meeting the following is recorded:

Bob Greco, Vineland, asked if the Manor had ever made a profit? Gary Simmerman, Treasurer noted that it was approximately eight (8) years ago. Bob believes that mismanagement is the reason that the Manor is not turning a profit.

The County Manor used to make a profit, but in the last eight years, after Lou Magazzu and his merry band of henchman usurped all control in the county, the Manor began losing money. Why is this? There is a program known as PEER. Only counties with county-owned nursing homes are eligible.

I am researching this program, but the Cumberland County website has no information about it whatsoever. Why?

I know that the Manor writes a check to the county every month, that there is PEER funding of – and my sources vary on this figure – between $865,000 to $1.2Million annually. But nobody in the county seems to know where this money goes…

Eventually the story will come out, but this is where I am at present.

2 Responses to Gary Simmerman admits the Manor began losing money under Lou Magazzu

  1. CBKennedy says:

    Never too great @ math,let alone gov’t math is there really @ least 865K that is unaccounted? Coming from a gov’t source(PEER) wouldn’t there be guidelines about how the $$$$ would have to be appropriated? So, a losing venture(the Manor) is paying the county, who also gets PEER funds from the state or fed because of the Manor? Don’t want to confuse the issue further,but did I miss something?

  2. WuLi says:


    What I know is that the NJ Dept of Human Services has a formula for PEER, and it is only for counties with a county run nursing home.

    I know the Manor wrote a check to the county treasury for around $80,000 a month, to be used for health services NOT to be mixed into the general fund. That number indicates an annual total of around $960,000. the monthly amount would vary depending upon the number of cases handled by the Manor.

    I know that Cumberland’s HSAC was allocated $325,000 a year for their operations.

    But nobody seems to know anything about the other half a million. I am trying to piece together this jigsaw puzzle. I am hopeful that my recent posts will spur more people on into confiding in me, so that we can uncover the entire story.

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