Low Morale at the OEM & 911 Call Center

I have apparently kicked a hornet’s nest. What seemed to be a disgruntled former employee providing me with tips and areas to look into concerning the Cumberland County 911 Call center has turned into a quagmire of what appears to be official misconduct at the highest levels.

I had heard stories about the 911 Call Center, basically when looking into the feasibility of combining the Millville Dispatch with the County Call Center. My main concern was that the County Call center was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lou Magazzu Empire. I had heard some word-of-mouth stories, but had nothing substantial. In general, I am in favor of consolidating services as long as we see a fiscal advantage, and there is no reduction in services provided.

Recently I have been in conversations with several people that have been closely involved with the Call Center, and what I hear repeated is that morale is in the gutter. I initially was asking about the time card fraud prevalent throughout the county under Lou Magazzu/Bill Whelan’s regime. But what I hear about the Call Center makes the time card machinations look like child’s play compared to the other allegations.

I did some research to find out who ran the Call Center. The director is James Matlcok, appointed by – imagine this – Bill Whelan and approved unanimously by Lou Magazzu’s band of puppet Freeholders.

Under his watch, four EEOC complaints have been filed against the department. Of course, nobody knows what is contained in these complaints, as they involve an open investigation. Nobody even knows who filed these complaints, that won’t be known until the investigations are complete. For all we know, they might all be frivolous and baseless. But that would be stretching the bounds of the imagination, don’t you think? What we do know is that the county has hired several law firms for the defense in these complaints. This is money that might likely never have had to be spent had the department been run properly and openly. Time will tell.

The other rumors – and as of this time they are rumors and hearsay – are the allegations that the Call Center is regularly undermanned during holidays and other times where the number of calls and stress levels peek. The employees, I am told, use personal and sick time to avoid what they say is a “hostile work environment”.

What happens during these days is that call overflow is forwarded to Gloucester County Call Center – burdening them. Gloucester County then calls and complains, asking “what the ‘f’ is up, why can’t the Cumberland Call Center handle their job?” Allegedly, complaints are then filed with  O.E.T.S. in Trenton concerning the Cumberland Call center performance. Hopefully an OPRA will provide me with confirmation, or rebuttal of these allegations. Either way, I will try to find the truth.

Stay tuned, as I get information that I can make public (I am sitting on a ton of stuff that I cannot even talk about at this time, it is too incendiary) I will post it here first!


7 Responses to Low Morale at the OEM & 911 Call Center

  1. twocents says:

    If you’re wondering how Matlock got there in the first place consider that he was one of Bernie Brown’s henchmen for the past 10-15 years. He was actually maneuvered to Whelan through Magazzu who had contact with him through National Freight. Does anyone even remember Magazzu’s free office space and stuff over there at Part and West? This was nothing more that Magazzu doing another favor for his master Bernie Brown.

  2. CBKennedy says:

    Lou M. Had an office @ National Freight? National Freight does have a solar division, was he involved with that—is that how he got the idea for his bogus company?? Or am I way off—Perhaps you can indulge me with a little backstory?

  3. twocents says:

    No, it had nothing to do with the solar power stuff. This was about 5 or 6 years ago, but when it started getting into the wind that he had a free office suddenly he was out of there. Basically, he was doing the same thing he always did. Such as the free address and office space at Jane’s real estate office and the other office space he was using at Fanucci’s offices on Lincoln Ave. in Vineland a year or so ago. Basically Fanucci was/is Magazzu’s backdoor to the Vineland school system. Don’t think that Lou didn’t have something to do with VBOE shifting to a contract food service agency, which by the way, was Fanucci’s brainstorm. Remember, Magazzu’s involvement goes all the way back to the failed co-generation plant on Elmer Road next to the former Progresso factory. One failed thing after another, but you can bet that his lawyer, consultant, and business cronies made out well on everything. Just ask Gary Wodlinger. Oh, I’m sorry, the Honorable Judge Gary Wodlinger.

  4. CBKennedy says:

    @two cents-pretty interesting 2 say the least, I always thought that Jannarone set-up was inappropriate,@the very least. Thanks for the additional info.

  5. Guess-Who says:

    I am LMFAO at this, “Honorable Judge Gary Wodlinger”

    Check the RECORD of this Judge and one might just THINK Differently about this _ _ _ _ _ _ _!

  6. Keith says:

    Thats what happens when you put retired state troopers in charge of a predominately FIRE and Emergency Medical services communications facility a public safety director was not needed 3 people can run the operation a 9-1-1 Chief,who runs the radio room 9-1-1 commincations. Training Chief who runs the Fire and EMS academy , and the Emergency Management coordinator who runs emergency management . and those 3 can answer to the Freeholder liason to public safety whoever that maybe this week. Weights/measures consumer protection could go under the Sheriff or the prosecuters office since it is law enforcement fraud protection but all of this probably makes too much sense

  7. Reportallthefactsgoodandbad says:

    I would like for the citizens of Cumberland County to know that your 911 Dispatchers are amazing at their job! They come to work in a highly stressful position and always put 100% forward and have the citizens of Cumberland County best interest at mind. They are compassionate and determined people who go above and beyond everyday working long hours because of their dedication. Someones own personal vendetta against administration at this department is causing you to post articles that reflect very badly on these people and thats not fair. If you ask me no matter where you work in Cumberland County Government your job has added stress and disfunction. But its nopt because of the people who work there it is because of the mismanagement by the freeholders and local politicians. If you are going to run your mouth make sure you don’t make the people who hold this county together look bad ….it’s not their fault.

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