Why does the Bill Whelan administration insist on hiring from out of the county?

This past July 16, 2011, Lou Magazzu with the support of Freeholder Director Bill Whelan appointed John Redkoles, a resident of Pilesgrove (Salem County) NJ to the position of 911 Coordinator.

Now this post is not about Redkoles qualifications for the position. I am sure he is able to do the job. The problem I have, which is one problem I have had with the Magazzu/Whelan regime all along, is their penchant to go outside of Cumberland County for appointments or when hiring firms to do business in the county.

Our Freeholders are hired to look out for Cumberland County residents, NOT Salem, Gloucester and Camden County residents. They have their own Freeholders to do that job. In today’s Daily Journal, there is a very disturbing article. The new Golden Corral Restaurant under construction in Vineland held a job fair. Over 3,000 applicants showed up. Three-thousand people scrambling for low-paying jobs – that is an indicator of the sad shape this county is in. With these numbers in mind, it is inexcusable to even consider hiring or appointing any person that does not reside in this county.

This is yet another case of catering to Stephen Sweeney and the George Norcross machine. There was a qualified candidate for the job that resided in Cumberland County, paid taxes in Cumberland County, and had a stake in Cumberland County.

And as far as my statement about Redkoles being qualified for the position, the Cumberland County 911 Call Center is currently under federal investigation. His performance during this critical time will either vindicate him, or prove my point.


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