Bill Whelan does an immediate about-face on the Manor

Yesterday I published an internal county email about the secretive meetings about selling the Manor. Bill Whelan illegally held a meeting that was never advrtized in the public notices as required by the Sunshine Law. Imagine my surprise to see this headline, posted at 9:49PM last night by the always indulging Bridgeton News:

County planning public hearing on possible Cumberland Manor sale

Cumberland County officials are planning a public hearing on the prospect of selling off the Cumberland Manor nursing home, with the meeting tentatively scheduled for sometime in October.

The special meeting, which will include members of the county freeholder board, has yet to be given a firm date.

However, county officials stated the meeting would have to be advertised at least 30 days in advance.

How refreshing to see Whelan ensuring that this public meetings actually is advertized, especially considering his administration’s penchant for following the Lou Magazzu method of holding secret meetings and having midnight votes at the end of executive sessions called during Freeholder meetings.

2 Responses to Bill Whelan does an immediate about-face on the Manor

  1. Carl maybe they should hire you as there P R person. You could safe the county alot of money by doing thing the legal way. You could be there guide.

  2. CBKennedy says:

    @ WuLi, Seems you’ve got their attention!! Got them running to cover the considerable holes in their defense, Bravo!

    And just because I can never resist taking a jab at the News of Cumberland County—-I don’t know if they are just such a pathetic bunch of losers that they don’t realize they are being played, or are totally in on it and just think their readership is glactically stupid…….

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