Disturbing information about Cumberland Manor

This is old news, about a former Manor employee Barbara Caselli. Why am I rehashing old news? This incident is proof of cronyism, and shows the lengths that the Magazzu/Whelan regime will go to protect their own, cover up wrongdoing, and look the other way when hiring friends of friends.

When hiring, one would hope that the county would hire people because of their qualifications, not as favors. But this has not been the case under Lou Magazzu, and as my previous post about the appointment of the “unqualified” Jack Surrency as head of a critical county department shows.

The documents I show here, all public information, predate Barbara Caselli’s employment with the county. Caselli worked as a realtor with Jane Jannarone’s Exit Realty agency.

Prior to being hired at the Manor, Caselli was admissions clerk at Lincoln Care Center.  During her tenure at Lincoln, a patient Andrew Degomar was admitted weeks before his death. On August 13, 2001 Andrew had a will written that bequeathed his entire estate to Barbara Caselli. That is the document that you see posted on this page. Click the images to get an enlarged view.

Degomar died September 24, 2001.  Caselli inherited his estate, including his house at 178 Wheat Rd., Vineland, NJ. Click here for the Barbara Caselli Andrew Degomar Deed.

Note that on the will the witness is local attorney Tobin Nilsen. Tobin served with Barbara on the Board of Education. Click here for an interesting side story about Tobin. He apparently likes to have sex with six-year olds.  Nice guy! Well, when you take a close look at the deed, you will see that Caselli sold Degomar’s house to Nilsen’s wife, Susan for $11,000. Susan turned around and sold the house to John Caselli for $26,500 in 2002. John is Barbara’s brother-in-law. John is a politically connected developer.

Why sell a house to an acquaintance and then have it sold to a family member? Was this a case of creating an artificial separation so that there is a plausible denial of conflicts of interest? The amazing thing is, the county well knew of Barbara’s history. They knew of this episode prior to hiring her. After she was hired, she ran her Jane Jannarone Exit Realty Real Estate business out of the Manor, on taxpayer time, using taxpayer supplies. The county Freeholders knew this, and what did they do? They covered it up.

There is so much more to the story of Caselli’s employment with the county, how the Freeholders under Magazzu and with Whelan’s approval bought her off so that none of this would be made public. As I get more information, I will post it. This is information that the public needs to know, and that our local newspapers could not be less interested in covering.


3 Responses to Disturbing information about Cumberland Manor

  1. Carl do you know is this the piece of farm land on the corner of wheat and central. I believe if it is there is a sign up for commercial development,

  2. WuLi says:

    @Alex – click on the link to the deed in the post – it is a copy of the actual deed, and yes, this property is on the corner of Central and Wheat in Buena.

    I had difficulty locating this, as the address says it is Vineland, but the property is actually in Atlantic County.

  3. Deb says:

    Fyi barbara casselli in nj right now stayin at her sons home on summer ave minatola aug 3 2012

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