Job Summit is a partisan fraud

An open letter from the Republican candidates:

Last week, Cumberland County Democrats had a jobs summit. It was open to democrats led by democratic freeholder candidates, two of which have been sitting on the Freeholder Board while our county has slid into the State’s worst county unemployment rate. Why have the Democrats who are running our county waited until six weeks before Election Day to address an important issue? Because they want to be re-elected. They hope to disguise their poor record on county unemployment with a smokescreen fed to voters right before election day. This is shameful politics that those who have been out of work for so long should recognize as too little and too late. These elected officials need to stand up and admit that their failed policies have crippled economic growth in our county. They should have been working of this issue for the entire three years of their terms, rather than wait to election eve to pretend to care about jobs in Cumberland County. If they really cared, why would you have a jobs summit with Democrats alone? An approach which would take ideas from all people, Republicans and Independents, alike would certainly be more effective if they were really interested in creating economic growth. But it is obvious that getting a positive press piece is more appealing and easier than creating actual jobs.

The Democrats are at it again by promoting a Democratic Jobs Fair on October 12. Coincidently, this event is 28 days before Election Day. Is a Democratic Jobs Fair open to only Democrats? It is being billed as “the most significant event of its kind ever held in Cumberland County” according to its flyer, yet it is only beginning to be organized. While we certainly hope that the unemployed find jobs, we suspect that this is another political ploy to disguise failed Democratic leadership.

If county voters really want to change the direction of Cumberland County, vote out those who have been in charge while the county has been on top of all the wrong lists. Democrats have been in charge of the Freeholder Board for the last 30 years. It is time for voters to give Republican leaders a chance to “put Cumberland County back to work for you”. Vote Gonzalez, Taylor, Farabella and Gruccio on November 8.

William (Bill) Gonzalez

Sandy Taylor

Jody Farabella

Mary Gruccio

Cumberland County Freeholder Candidates


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