Zirkles win after new election, state refuses to investigate the fraud

After the election fraud in Fairfield Twp and subsequent new election, the Zirkles were unofficially announced winners.

Democratic County Committee candidates Cindy and Ernie Zirkle were elected Tuesday over competitors Mark and Vivian Henry, according to unofficial online results from the county Board of Elections.

Mail-in ballots had not been recorded by 10:30 p.m. but the Zirkles took 33 percent of the vote over the Henrys’ 17 percent. “We don’t trust the system,” said Cindy Zirkle, so a substantial number of absentee ballots were distributed.

As if the outright election fraud and subsequent evidence tampering were not enough, it seems that there was illegal campaigning occurring at the polling site. This is what happens to anyone that would dare speak out against the current administration.

The person that discovered the tampering with evidence has some interesting points on his blog. The disturbing things are his arguments that the state is not going to pursue any sort of legal action in what is most assuredly fraud. And we know for a fact that Bill Whelan and his cronies only wish that this will go away, since it happened under their watch, with their people (Nancy Sungenis) in charge.


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