A call for Dunkin’s resignation

It is refreshing to see that at least one local paper is picking up on this story. If you remember back to the Charlie Thomas appointment, replacing Lou Magazzu, it was interesting to listen to Brendan Kavanaugh explain, repeatedly, in no uncertain terms that Charlie Thomas fills in only until the election, when Lou’s interim replacement is elected. Whichever candidate is elected to that position must be sworn in the morning after election day. This was made quite clear by the majority party lackey attorney.

This was confirmed by the Assistant County Counsel in writing:

On Aug. 16, Cumberland County Assistant County Counsel Kim Procopio wrote in a letter to Cumberland County Counsel Brendan Kavanagh that whoever is appointed to fill Magazzu’s seat – in this case, Thomas – does so on in interim basis “until the general election is held in November.”

“Following certification of that election, the person elected to the unexpired term is immediately sworn in and takes office,” Procopio writes. “Unlike those persons elected for a full term, the person elected to the unexpired term does not await the reorganization meeting to take their seat.”

So now, we have a case of Dunkins holding a Freeholder seat that doesn’t end until the county reorganization in January running for the exact same position, and holding two seats simultaneously should he win. Of course, this blatantly illegal, and Dunkins himself claims he is going to hold his current seat until November.

I am not sure of state law, but I am certain that it is illegal to hold two Freeholder seat at the same time. This quandary doesn’t seem to bother Bill Whelan, Jim Dunkins or Charlie Thomas. I don’t think Jannarone is bright enough to even understand what the problem is.

However, it is quite clear that Dunkins has one of two choices – drop out of the race to replace Lou Magazzu’s seat, or resign his current seat immediately. This will be the only way to fix this clear conflict.


One Response to A call for Dunkin’s resignation

  1. The Democrats and there underhanded tatics is costing tax payers money because of there ignorance. Dunkins says he wants to spend more time with his family and church. So what is he going to do now. Now the fun part begins? Let’s see who is dum,dumber, and dumbest now.

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