Barruzza has plans that actually WILL save money

Bob Asutino ran under Lou Magazzu’s plan to take a lower salary than mandated by state law. Austino, in one of his many lies, claimed he would save taxpayers money. Any savings in Austino’s reduced salary were quickly cancelled out by the creation of two positions, a second Undersheriff and the position of Chief.  But I suppose somebody has to do the job that Austino was elected to do, and he certainly hasn’t been doing it!

Norm Franckle earns $60,000 a year as the second Undersheriff, more than wiping out any of Austino’s fabled savings. And what about the position of Chief that Austino promised to eliminate?

Mike Barruzza, on the other hand, while working for the full salary he is entitled to receive, will certainly return unused money to the county coffers on an annual basis, as he always did while Sheriff. And, he also proposes to eliminate the position of Warden, a position created under the Lou Magazzu regime in order to provide a cake job to party sycophants. That alone will save the county over $100,000.

He also states he wants to eliminate another political perk job, Director of Public Safety. The current director was brought in by Bill Whelan in a move so stupid, it transcends logic! Under the current leadership the county is facing four separate federal EEOC  investigations. Taxpayers have been forced to pay attorney fees to the law offices of Kevin McCann to defend against these lawsuits. Had a qualified person been hired to this position, chances are we would not be hearing about this story that the local media is totally ignoring.

Michael Barruzza, GOP candidate for Cumberland County sheriff, announced Saturday he plans to eliminate the positions of county jail warden and director of public safety, if elected.

Barruzza, who served two terms as sheriff until he was ousted in the 2008 election, stated he could save the county approximately $200,000 in salary and benefits costs by bringing the responsibilities of those positions under the office of the sheriff.

“My plan to save $200,000 annually in taxpayer money by allowing the sheriff to take over the duties of public safety director and assume control of county corrections,” said Barruzza, in a statement released over the weekend.

“This restructuring will end the top heavy administration that currently exits, and free up more dollars to reduce the burden on taxpayers, and ultimately put boots on the ground in our fight against crime here in Cumberland County.”

What is Austino going to do to save money? Based on the past three years, nothing. Otherwise, he would have done it already.


2 Responses to Barruzza has plans that actually WILL save money

  1. A Friend says:

    OEM/Public Safety also have a HUGE federal lawsuit against Director Matlock, Joe Sever, and James Manski.

    The law firm CC retained for their defense is associated w/Lou Magazzu:
    Genova, Burns & Giantomasi
    2 Riverside Drive, Suite 5
    Camden, NJ

  2. WuLi says:

    Why Matlock must go – hired by Bill Whelan, this political hack was a no-show at work today, and was at Cow Town last Tuesday, September 27, 2011 during business hours. What are we paying him for? Why isn’t Whelan demanding he show up for work?

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