Celeste Riley’s husband harasses Jim Begley

Celeste Riley is running for Assembly in the 3rd District, which covers part of Cumberland County. Normally we don’t cover anything other than the Cumberland County Freeholders, many of which still yield Lou Magazzu’s influence.

However, there is a Magazzu connection, Celeste served with Lou and was groomed by him for her political career. her brother, Joe, was one of the Freeholders in collusion with Lou in public intimidation of private citizens who dared to speak out at Freeholder meetings.  And this is a perfect example of Cumberland County politics at its worst.

Anyone following the local races will have read or at least have knowledge of Jim’s recent letters to the editor. He has taken aim at

Riley, an incumbent. I have never met Celeste, and have nothing against her. I have talked to her via email a few times, and she seems to be a nice person. And this is not an endorsement for Jim Begley; this is merely an interesting piece of news that I am sure the local media will try to ignore.

Jim was walking his dog in his neighborhood when Richard Dawson, Celeste’s husband, confronted him.I have heard the audio of the conversation, and I can attest thatthis police reports is an accurate description of what occurred. If I can figure out a way to share the audio, I will post it. Until then, this should provide some amusing reading.

The part of interest is as follows:

During this, Richard (Dawson) called James (Begley) an “asshole” and that nobody wants him around here. Richard also requested for James to meet him out side the city in the Township of Greenwich to physically fight, to handle their disagreements like men.

Basically, Celeste who was present during this confrontation, and her husband believe that if you disagree with their politics, you have no right to live in their city. During the taped conversation, Richard actually told Begley that he should move out of the city, because he disagrese with Celeste.

So here you have it – Lou Magazzu’s legacy lives on.

One Response to Celeste Riley’s husband harasses Jim Begley

  1. Calhoun says:

    It’s time for the Family Feud. Introducing the Riley family ready for action and the Begley family. On your mark, let’s start the Family Feud. And introducing the star of Family Feud – Richard Dawson. We surveyed 100 people and the top three answers are on the board. Name the most offensive thing Assemblywoman Riley’s husband said to the former Mayor of Bridgeton. No. 3: Nobody wants you [Begley] around here. No. 2: Meet me [Mr. Celeste Riley] in Greenwich to fight. No. 1: Asshole.

    Let’s see if I have this right. A guy by the name of Richard Dawson starts a family feud. Also, I thought Greenwich was where groups against domestic abuse popped up right before Election Day. You know Cumberland County Women Against Domestic Violence (Chair: Christina Clay). Now I am being told that Greenwich is the last bastion where guys can go to settle their differences like men (i.e., physically fight). Huh? Greenwich needs to keep its shit one way because I am confused.

    Carl, we can temporarily suspend our cynicism regarding the local media. This gem of a story has been picked up by NJ dot com. NJPolitcker and SaveJersey also have it.

    I don’t know what’s crazier, the offensive comments made by the star of Family Feud Richard Dawson or Assemblywoman Riley chirping from behind the shrubbery (see nj.com article).

    Jesus Christ, you can’t make this stuff up.

    A few more stories like this, and I am going to start missing Lou.

    (Oh and Carl thanks for the full coverage. The nj.com article simply stated that Dawson called Begley an “—hole” leaving me wondering what was actually said.)

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