More criminal investigations against Matlock?

I understand there is yet another investigation, this one filed last week by the NJ Division on Civil Rights against the Director of the 9-1-1 Center after several complaints from employees. Each violation carries a fine up to $25,000. Bill Whelan, thank you for a fine job in hand-picking this political appointee to run the Department of Public safety With the costs of legal fees and all the potential fines that are stacking up, the county taxpayers will be paying more than 10-times this guys salaries in unnecessary expenses. All for what – political patronage and nepotism!

One Response to More criminal investigations against Matlock?

  1. I Know says:

    Ask yourself why Jim retired as a trooper when compared to his peers He retired at a low rank in the State Police most likely due to his unpromotable behavior. If you see him at the Harvest Festival (which you most certainly will) ask him why he never made Sargeant or better after so many years. He comes across as a very personable man however when the good natured smiles and friendly voices are gone, watch out.

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