Tax dollars wasted – most people would call this theft

In 2009, a high-ranking employee of the Cumberland County Department of Public Safety used a county SUV to take his family on vacation in Pittsburgh PA. Do you wonder where your tax dollars go, if the Director of Public Safety is doing a proper job of managing his department and being a proper steward of your tax dollars?

If this incident, and the way it was handled (or more properly ignored) is indicative of the way Cumberland County handles our money, we are in bad shape. This was a county vehicle, it is not to be used for personal business. But this employee, and apparently Matlock too, thinks that the county vehicles are their for their own personal use. A trip to Pittsburgh – that is roughly 332 miles, one way. Using the government numbers of 45 cents per mile, at $149.40 each way, this trip costs taxpayers $300 – not counting any additional driving done while on vacation.

Now I don’t know about, but any job I have ever worked at, if an employees was caught stealing $10, they would be immediately dismissed. At $300, criminal charges should have been filed. But this employee continues to enjoy a paycheck at our expense, even after being proven unworthy of our trust. But I guess when you have a boss that spends the day at Cow Town when he is collecting a salary, respect for the public trust is not high on your list.

Bill Whelan and the controlling Freeholders neglected to clean house, and demand the highest level of integrity from their appointees and employees. And now we wonder why we see county taxes increase on a regular basis? $300 is not going to have a large impact on the tax rate, but a culture of corruption that seems to pervade the county does take its toll.


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  1. 2cents says:

    Matlock is a spin-off employee from Bernie Brown (National Freight) that was sent to Magazzu. Matlock, according to unsubstantiated sources at National Freight, was Brown’s henchman but even Bernie couldn’t protect him from himself. What Matlock is doing at the OEM/911 Center is apparently the same problems he caused at National. In the private sector loosing a hostile/sexual harassment lawsuit is paid for by the employer; whereas, a lawsuit against the county is paid for by the taxpayers. So you see, for Bernie Brown it was a money saving proposition.
    As far as Magazzu’s association with Bernie Brown, I’m pretty sure this goes all the way back to the big land swap on West Avenue for a parcel of land in the Vineland Industrial Park. Great deal: swamp/drainage land at West & Wood for acres of prime industrial land. Check and you will find Magazzu’s fingerprints all over this shady deal. Magazzu brought Whelan into the circle to make sure the deal with the county’s rented offices on Delsea Drive remains intact. Just like most of the land deals made by the County the owner of the land/property is more important than the location and price. That is a Magazzu trademark play.

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