Rileys refuse to comment on harassment complaint

The News of Cumberland County did pick up the story about Jim Begley’s harassment complaint against Celest Riley’s husband – of course that was after we published the police report online at MWatch. What is interesting is that the Riley’s refuse comment.

(Begley said,) “I’m not even in office now. I live in this neighborhood, I’ve lived here longer than he did and to be told I need to move out, it’s inappropriate. Her lack of control and inability to take criticism is truly disappointing.”

Neither Riley nor Dawson responded to multiple calls for comment to her office, cell phone and home phone.

What is also interesting is the number of comments on the story. Nobody really ever comments on articles on the Bridgeton News forum, but it seems the Rileys had their friends come out en-masse. Some of the comments are elitist in  nature, telling Jim Begley that he should not be allowed to walk his dogs in his own neighborhood. Apparently the elite fringe in Bridgeton believe that some people have more rights than others.

These people defend their current administration in the city, even despite a twenty-four cent property tax increase. Even the Democrat Freeholders laugh at Bridgeton –  Whelan and Magazzu never had the gall to come out with such an extravagant tax increase!

City council adopted its Fiscal Year 2012 budget at their meeting Tuesday night, which includes a local purpose tax rate increase of 24 cents.

The $10.9 million local purpose tax to be raised and library tax of $173,305, which is required by the state to be listed separately, creates the $11.1 million levy. That figure is up $927,483 from last year’s.




2 Responses to Rileys refuse to comment on harassment complaint

  1. This is what happens when some 40 years ago the Democrats thought it was a good idea to get as much grant money you can get number one. They put all there eggs in one basket talking about O.L. # two. Buy land for and industrial park then sell it to the state for one of the largest prisons in N.J.# three. They loved being in the realestate buisness. Instead of selling back tax leins they helled on to them and received no tax money. I should write a book . They love to give away property to non profit organizations again no tax dollars coming in. The next city that is following Bridgetons foot steps is Millville. Mark my word.

  2. Terry J says:

    Dump Celeste and her husband goon.

    From what I read about the new guy Domenick Dicicco is no BS. He’s dead-on on all the issues and has never voted for a single tax increase.

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