Since when?

This is funny – the Cumberland County Democratic Organization ” has been serving as the voice of Cumberland County since 19XX”.” according to their own website.

19XX! Ha! The CCDO doesn’t even know how long they have been around. Well, perhaps they are being truthful – perhaps they have NEVER served as the voice of the county, but only as the voice of self-serving sycophants and leeches looking for ever more ways to enrich themselves on the backs of county taxpayers.

We do know that if you are a company in Cumberland County, serving Cumberland County, with the lowest qualified bid, you will NOT be allowed to work on county projects if you refuse to donate to the party.

Either way – incompetence or truth – their own website says it all!

And funnier still, they do not know how to use a dictionary. They repeatedly use reign in the place of rein; either believing the two words are interchangeable, or perhaps inadvertently spilling the beansof their true motivations. On Bill Whelan’s page,they state:

William Whelan is focused on reigning in County spending and looking out for taxpayers’ bottom line.

I can attest that Whelan is more interested in reigning than reining, his vote against Comtec is very telling, proving that he would rather send jobs to Camden County than serve Cumberland County residents. He is also the person that brought James Matlock into this county, and with Matlock, five federal investigations which will end up costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time it is over.


One Response to Since when?

  1. Calhoun says:

    Reign, rein go away. Come again another day. The CCDO wants to play.

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