An audio treat – Celeste Riley’s husband accosts Jim Begley

It took some doing. Jim Begley, while minding his own business, walking his dogs in his own neighborhood was accosted by Celest Riley’s husband, with Celeste close behind, egging him on. The following are two short clips of the eight-minute ordeal. The transcripts follow, as best as I could make out from the poor quality audio.

The key points to this exchange are thus: if you disagree with Celeste Riley’s politics, you are not allowed to publicly disagree, but they can say anything they want about you, you should be a man and duke it out rather than discuss it politely, and best of all move out of your home and city, you have no right to live here if Celeste Riley doesn’t like you.

Part-one Celeste Riley’s husband accosts Jim Begley

Part two – “let’s fight like men”

WARNING! There is offensive language both in the recordings, and in the transcript below.

Clip One – Dawson confronts Jim out of the blue.

Jim Begley: Why don’t you turn around and walk away

Richard Dawson: Why don’t you, why don’t you – just keep on walking (inaudible)

JB: Look, I have two dogs with me. You wanna talk we will talk a different time. I’ll put the dogs away and be more than happy to talk

RD: (Inaudible, jumbled)

JB: What’s the problem?

RD: Why on earth would you say anything about Celeste?

JB: Why on earth would you say anything about me?

RD: Because they were all true, Jim

Inaudible, jumbled

JB: Hahaha

Inaudible, jumbled

RD: You are such a fucking sore loser I can’t believe it. A sore loser put your tail between your legs and haul ass.

Clip Two – this is where it gets fun. Richard Dawson explains that if you disagree with him and Celeste, the only way to settle it is “like men” in a fist-fight; and that anyone that dissents with the way Celest edoes things, they should just move out of the city. Nobody, apparently, is allowed to disagree.

RD: …every chuckles, they say what an asshole, what a piece of shit he (Begley) is…

Inaudible, jumbled

RD: … because she is in our district and she can help us and she does help us

JB: She doesn’t help us…

RD: She does help us, she does plenty

JB: (inaudible, jumbled)

RD: She does, but you wouldn’t know because you’re so far behind, so far out of the picture

JB: (inaudible, jumbled)

RD: If you want to meet sometime without your dogs to meet man to man…

JB: (attempts to speak but is interrupted)

RD: To meet man to man, YOU LET ME KNOW okay!

JB: (attempts to speak but is interrupted)

RD: You know what I’m saying, you ever want to meet me man to man somewhere, out in Greenwich somewhere you ….

JB: (attempts to speak but is interrupted)

RD: Anywhere! OKAY! You think you’re so tough and so smart, you’re fuckin’ dog shit … I’ll put you in your place you piece of slime

JB … You’re unbelievable

RD: Why don’t you move out of this city, you’re nothing but… (inaudible, jumbled)

Technical notes: this has nothing to do with the Watch, but rather in the hours I spent trying to figure out how to decode and export the original audio file into a format that everyone can access. Jim has an app on his smartphone called Evernote. It is a handy application that allows you to take notes on the fly, and do voice recordings. The only problem is that the files are not really exportable in any useful format. The audio files requires installation of the app on your computer to access, and listening is really convoluted.

I was able to save the recording on my local drive after some fiddling, and then searched the net for free apps that could convert that file to another format that could then be edited. I signed up for a 14-day free trial of fast Audio Converter, and after a few false starts was not able to convert the Evernote files into WAV files. Well, it converted them into incomprehensible Charlie Brown’s teacher noises. Finally I found a website, that did the trick.

At that point, I installed Audacity from Audacity is an open source (hence free to use and distribute) product, and while not truly intuitive, I was able to finally isolate these two clips for your listening pleasure.


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