Sometimes it is the small things

Sometimes it is the small things that matter. For instance, Millville has a strict ordinance regulating signs, placement, size, etc. And Millville is usually pretty strict about enforcing the ordinance; especially as election season provides the fertile ground needed for campaign signs to propagate.

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Both parties understand that you are not allowed to place political signs on publically owned land. However, this has not prevented Sheriff Austino from spitting at the law and placing signs on municipal property. One Austino sign still stands on the corner of land used for the city impound lot.

You are not allowed to place signs on the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street – this is a public safety issue. I was on High Street yesterday and saw a long row of Red political signs – I was furious and about to call Bob Greco to tell him to have them immediately removed; then I realized my error. These were Bill Whelan and the CCDO campaign signs. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, and was too lazy to make a return trip to take pictures after I got home.

What gives? Are Whelan and the CCDO purposely trying ot confuse the public, or are they distancing themselves from the national Democratic party which seems to be an embarrassment to them?

Instead of calling Greco, I called Dale Finch and informed him of the copious display of illegal signs – he had enforcement come out this morning and remove them all. But it seems that the CCDO is not satisfied with flaunting the law only once, some signs mysteriously returned on a few corners.

However, this is a regular occurrence, the Millville arm of the CCDO regularly places signs illegally, and the Millville taxpayers have to pay city employees to remove them. Perhaps it is too much work to actually find residents that will proudly display signs on their own property? Perhaps they are attempting to trick the public into thinking that since there are so many signs, they have a lot of local support?

The disturbing issue, however, is one of credibility. Bob Austino is sheriff, and running for a re-up. He KNOWS the law. if a person is willing to trample the law in even the small matters, then he is certainly not trustworthy in larger matters. Take for instance, a backroom deal railroading a private citizen? Or lying to the press and purposely misrepresenting a legal document in order to assassinate the character of a political foe?

But back tot he Blue vs. Red sign confusion – Van Drew & Company have always used a blue and green color scheme – their signs are noticeable.  LoBiondo has typically used a Blue and Purple or Red color scheme – another combination that is unique. And if a candidate or candidates didn’t have a unique color scheme, then Democrats use Blue and White  and Republicans, Red and White.

In previous elections, the CCDO Freeholder candidates have typically run on anything but the issues. When G.W. was president, they didn’t campaign against the Republican candidates, but against George Bush. Last year they ran against the chairman of the county party. Why? It is because they know they have failed to pass muster on every issue that matters – property taxes, unemployment, poverty, teen pregnancy. But they need to maintain control so that they can continue to pour public money into the purses of their special interest groups, and continue giving jobs to unqualified sycophants. They need to continue providing paychecks, health benefits and pensions to the party loyalists – and to hell with controlling spending and getting a handle on property taxes. If over thirty years is not enough time to get the job done, then maybe they are in the wrong business!


7 Responses to Sometimes it is the small things

  1. I noticed in Vineland how many ccdo signs are up on major inter sections and public property. Very few on private property. I guess when you are in controll you can do anything. They should stop littering our highways. If the state would start finning for every sighn put up thit grap would stop. We need to clean this county up. When? NOW

  2. Cyg says:

    I was surprised to find these signs in front of my home (and many others) here in Millville. While I am not political, I am NO supporter of Democrats, so I removed the signs myself. Then I was warned I might be breaking the law by doing so. I decided to do some “research” (haha) by googling the issue, which led me here. Is there a site where I can find the relevant legal information available online?

  3. WuLi says:

    It is illegal to remove properly placed signs, it is theft. However, if the signs are on state or municipally owned property, they are illegally placed.

    As far as municipal laws, you have to check out your city’s website. In Millville, for instance, if they are on the grass strip between the sidewalk and street, they in violation.

    If they are on privately owned property, there is not much you can do.

  4. Calhoun says:

    I agree with Carl’s assessment of things. One clarification: you can’t do anything if they are on someone else’s private property. However, if that private property is yours and the signs were put there without your permission, then you are free to remove them. I can’t see how that is theft, as they had no business trespassing in the first place. As far as I am concerned it’s a form of litter. And there were instances of that this weekend in Millville by Team Van Drew and the D Freeholder candidates.

    I know someone who had Team VanDrew and Whelan et al. signs placed in her yard. She removed them and they will go back out later this week marked up urging people to NOT vote for these candidates. If I get photos of the altered signs, I will send them in to MWatch for all to enjoy.

  5. Guess-Who says:

    L{.}{.}K for some MagazzuWatch SIGNS to start appearing around the County 🙂

  6. Cyg says:

    Thanks, but I guess I should have been clearer. The signs were on the grass between the sidewalk and street in front of my house, so according to your posts, they are in violation. However, I’m not sure that permits me to remove them, or so I’ve been told.
    I did check out the City of Millville website, but found no info on regulations or city/county laws – just various depts etc.

  7. Guess-Who says:

    Your Property Line is from the middle of the Street to the back of your Property.

    Sounds like someone has placed these political signs illegally on your property, without your PERMISSION.

    You can REMOVE them without Delay on Private Property that you OWN.

    Consider Filing TRESPASSING CHARGES against the Candidates that have TRESPASSED on your Private Property by placing their signs in your Yard 🙂

    Call the Mayor’s Office first thing this Morning with a COMPLAINT about the Political Signs illegally placed in your Yard 🙂

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