Democrats prove they are just an extension of the Magazzu regime

At the recent candidates’ forum in Millville, candidates got a chance to face off. Hopefully some video of the forum will surface online. Based on the only news story about the debate in The News, it seems the Democrats are using just another page out Lou Magazzu’s playbook. They are making promises to do this, and to do that, hoping that the voting public is so utterly stupid that they will vote them back in, not even considering that they have had over THREE DECADES of a majority where they could have made these changes. For instance, Bill Whelan wants to pretend that he is still  a new kid onthe block, and if re-elected he will do all of the things he failed to do with a majority on the board, with him as Director!

Q: What specific steps will you take to reduce the county tax levy?

“There are two sides to this: We have to focus on economic development to bring in new ratable and jobs to the county,” began Democratic Freeholder Director Bill Whelan, running for his second term on the board. “The other part is making cuts — there are too many county departments, and we have to look at shared services.

Bill – you have had four years to bring in new ratables and jobs. You have had four years to make cuts. But like your mentor, Lou Magazzu, you repeat the same tired rhetoric knowing full-well that you have absolutely no intention of even attempting to fulfill your promises. you will continue to hire political cronies at outrageous salaries and publicly funded pensions to head critical departments, even if as in the case of Jack Surrency the state of New Jersey states are “unqualified” for the position, and this post causes us to lose out on money to help fund that position. Or in the case of Matlock, a man with a ton of baggage, who is the focus now of five different federal investigations. We won’t even talk about the massive time-clock fraud happening in virtually every department, thatyou as Director have refused to even investigate.

So once again, it is Lou Magazzu groomed lackeys in elected positions promising to do the very things they have neglected to do while in a position of power. Empty promises by entrenched politicians looking only to further their own agendas, and reward political allies with public appointments and contracts.


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