Blatant hypocrisy from the chairs of the CCDO

Doug Long, co-chair of the Cumberland County Democratic Organization, resigned as legal counsel to the CCIA, a quasi-governmental agency that runs the landfill.

“I don’t believe that the county chair should profit from doing county work,” he said. “I think that we as county chairmen have a direct relationship with decision makers, and I don’t want there to ever be a perception that those relationships are being leveraged in any way.”

There are a couple of problems with this story. The writer never once challenged Long’s hypocritical statement above. The OTHER chair of the CCDO is Bob Balicki, who works directly for the county as warden of the jail. Long only worked for a quasi-governmental agency. Long’s job didn’t put him in close contact to county leaders on any regular basis. Balicki, however, is in regular contact with the Freeholders and Sheriff. Balicki profits from what he has long spoken out against, doing county work!

At MWatch, we have consistently discussed the inherent problems of the Freeholder Director also being CCDO chair, when Lou Magazzu held the reins. The current situation is only slightly better. The TWO chairs are in positions to profit from the decisions made by the elected Freeholders. Of course Balicki doesn’t care if the candidates are qualified or best for the county, he knows that if a Republican majority is elected, there is a good chance his completely unnecessary job will be eliminated.

It is also interesting to note that the attorney appointed to replace Long shared the same building, and like Long, has Burlington and Gloucester County ties. In fact, the main address of their law offices is Mt.Holly, NOT Bridgeton!

It should also be noted that Saponaro’s partner from the law firm has donated tens of thousands to the Democratic party,and has some funky loans happening, according to ELEC. A close look at the donations shows a few paltry donations to Burlington County Republicans, greasing palms in a decidedly red county, but most going to George Norcross’s Camden Countymachine, guaranteeing jobs in Cumberland County, as we have seen this week!


One Response to Blatant hypocrisy from the chairs of the CCDO

  1. Carl you said he resigned but a partner in his law firm took his place? The saying goes same church just a different puie. The greed is still there.

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