Richard Dawson and Celeste Riley fight back!

Apparently Celeste Riley’s husband, Richard Dawson, hasn’t litened tot he recording of his  confrontation of Jim Begley while Jim was walking his dogs (Celeste Riley’s husband accosts Jim Begley) or he would realize that the tape sort of belies his counter claim accusing Begley of attacking him with his dogs.

Now it is possible that Celeste has no control over the actions of her husband, such as him stalking Jim Begley by driving by Jim’s house real slowly on a regular basis, or accosting Jim while he is walking his dogs in his own neighborhood, minding his own business –  and then demanding that Jim physically fight him, and using truly foul language as he belittles him and calls him names.

But this is Cumberland County, and this is the sort of politics I have come to expect from anyone that was groomed in the Lou Magazzu school.  If somebody writes a negative letter about you in the paper, you don’t respond with a letter of your own, or even better, ignore it! No – you challenge them to a fist-fight!

One would think that if Dawson really wants his wife to win this election, he would behave himself, and not harass people that are minding their own business.  And responsible adults don’t say to others “you’re fuckin’ dog shit” as Dawson said to Begley.

This counter-complaint is ludicrous from the outset; but that seems to be the way Cumberland County Democrats operate – attack the victim!

The funniest part of this complaint is where Richard Dawson accuses Jim Begley of “tumultuous behavior by backing me up against a neighbor’s hedgerow with his two dogs challenging me to do something”. For those interested, here is the recording of what happened – “let’s fight like men”.

It appears that Dawson is living in an alternate reality, where he confronts and accosts someone and then accuses them of accosting and confronting him. If you are afraid of someone’s dogs, here is a piece of advice; you don’t walk off of your property and confront them when you see them walking their dogs!  Oh, and in the audio recording of this entire incident, you can hear Jim’s dog, he’s just panting.

And you have to love the part where he infers that Jim’s baseball cap is a deadly weapon: “Jim Begley did, attempt by physical menace to put me in fear of imminent serious bodily injury when he offensively touched me with the bill of his ball cap…”

What it all comes down to is this, if you don’t like somebody, then you have absolutely NO REASON to leave your property and confront them while they are lawfully walking on a public sidewalk. And there is no reason ever to purposely leave your property and to use foul and offensive language and verbally attack someone, simply because they disagree with you politically.  Sure, I am certain the world would be a perfect place if everybody in the world voted for Celeste Riley and agreed with everything she did. And perhaps Dawson is right in asserting that anyone that disagrees with his wife should be forced to move out of town, so that everybody could be one big happy family.

I am being sarcastic – the point is, as Harry Truman said, “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.” If you are this thin-skinned, you have no business being in politics.  The reason we have political parties is that people have differing opinions in how things should be done. That is why we have elctions. That is why we have the right of public discourse, and why people are allowed to express their opinions in public and should be able to do so without fear of retribution by those that hold political office. This counter-complaint just gives me further pause concerning Riley’s fitness to legislate. If a person can’t handle their personal affairs appropriately, they should not be passing laws, telling the rest of us how to run ours.


2 Responses to Richard Dawson and Celeste Riley fight back!

  1. We wonder why the system is the way it is. This complaint sounds like it is drumbed up and not tru from what I have heard from the tape. If in fact it comes to lite that it is wasting the courts time then I believe that Richard Dawson should be fined and maybe community service for bringing this type of rederick to court. I also believe that Jim Begle did the proper thing by taping and keeping his cool. Why can’t people just get along, when your in politics you have to have big shoulders. Rick will you come after me now for expressing how I feel when people tie up our courts and waste tax payers dollars. It is America ,but Rick I think you just crossed the line.

  2. Patrick W. Conahey, Sr. says:

    Unfortunately for Mr. Dawson, tape recordings do not lie. Mr. Dragotta is correct in that frivilous complaints should be dealt with stearnly by the courts for needlessly wasting the court’s time when they could be hearing something more serious.

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