Cumberland County tops another wrong list

The Press of Atlantic City had yet another disturbing article about Cumberland County.

The high level of unemployment in Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland counties has resulted in equally high numbers of the uninsured, the latest Census data show.

And the number of uninsured in South Jersey is only driven higher by the amount of part-time and seasonal jobs, without benefits, that are common at the shore. Meanwhile, the rate of uninsured children is just as bleak.

The article is about the correlation of New Jersey’s high unemployment rate and the rate of those that are uninsured. South Jersey fares worst overall; I suppose that is because Jeff Van Drew is too busy spending $9 Million dollars tearing down a bridge he spent taxpayer money to bail out, and trying to put yellow stickers on TV warning people about gravity to worry about creating an environment conducive to job creation. Cumberland County fares the worst of all south Jersey counties.

Cumberland County ranked fourth among all 21 counties in the state in the percentage of residents without health insurance — with almost 19 percent of those younger than 65 uninsured — 2009 numbers released Thursday by the U.S. Census Bureau show.

A few years ago, the CCDO would be blaming GW. This year they would love to blame Chris Christie, but even they are not that stupid. They are silent about Obama, and of course Corzine could do no wrong. However, we have decades of absolute CCDO control in Cumberland County, and this is what we have to show. Not only do we not have jobs, but we cannot even afford to go to the doctor!


2 Responses to Cumberland County tops another wrong list

  1. 2cents says:

    As I’ve said in the past VanDrew is a shadow politician: you can see him but he has no substance. Irrelevant or minimal legislation is his trademark. The real VanDrew is nothing more than a Magazzu lap dog and the personal voting puppet for Sweeny and Camden. Sweeny says, “Jump” and VanDrew says, “Yes sir, how high and for how long”? He is a by-product of Magazzu selling out Cumberland County to Camden County, and now that Norcross/Sweeny pulled off their coupe of Magazzu they no have their puppet Balicki in place. The Cumberland County Democratic Party under Magazzu has been turned into nothing more than a campaign money-laundering operation for Camden County. If leading a Cumberland County to absolute ruin were a crime Magazzu would be sitting in prison for life.

  2. 2cents says:

    That should have been coup d’etat not coupe.

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