Balicki plays politics, CO’s not allowed to respect Clif, Vineland Police Dog KIA

I assume most of our readers read with dismay about Clif, a Vineland Police dog that was killed in action on October 10. Police dogs are more than animals, they are partners to the law enforcement officers that the work with. They are treated as law enforcement officers, and respected as such. Well, except, I understand, but CCDO co-chairman and also warden of the county jail Bob Balicki.

A friend from the inside informed me that Balicki has decided to play politics with his Corrections Officers. There is a memorial service being held today for Clif. It will be as somber as any service for any officer killed in the line of duty. Law enforcement from around the state will attend, all in full dress uniform. All, that is, except for the Cumberland county jail CO’s, who were forbidden to wear their dress uniforms to this service by Balicki.

Doug Long, co-Chair of the CCDO stepped down as counsel to the CCIA due to conflicts of interest. I seems that Balicki is the one that is conflicted. As a public employee at the county jail, he needs to stop playing political games. This move was petty, and embarrassing.  And, it reeks of disrespect to all law enforcement officers in Cumberland County.


6 Responses to Balicki plays politics, CO’s not allowed to respect Clif, Vineland Police Dog KIA

  1. 2cents says:

    The fact is that Balicki blatantly disrespects all law enforcement agencies in the County, but has a personal disdain for the Vineland Police Department as is obvious whenever he is venting to his cronies. This is true here, and the same disdain held true when he was warden of the Gloucester County Jail.
    His dictatorial management style (sound familiar) is how he keeps his corrections officers cowered for fear of retribution by his handpicked henchmen. If you can get them to talk anonymously you’ll get a picture of something reminiscent of a prison B movie.
    His only claim to fame, including his time with NJ Dept of Corrections, were and are his political connection to Sweeny/Norcross.
    As he will freely tell you, he obtained his high-paying position with NJ DOC by delivering the political support of the union to then candidate Jim McGreevy. (You remember, the ex-governor who fell from grace in much the same manner as our local demigod Magazzu) Once McGrevy was out there was a mad scramble to protect politically appointed Balicki; hence the job as Warden in Gloucester.
    As co-leader of the Cumberland County Democratic Party (aka: Camden County annex) he should resign as Warden because it is a blatant conflict of interest. If someone thinks for a second that he doesn’t get preferential treatment from the Freeholder Board they either have their head buried in the sand or they are drinking Magazzu Kool-Aid. However, we all know he won’t do that so the only alternative is to change the equation and remove the problems from the Freeholder Board during the upcoming election. Once that is accomplished then, and only then, can we cut the Camden County noose from our necks.

  2. rabble says:

    Cliff the dog wasn’t a policeman. Making up special status for him diminishes the loss of human life. Cliff was surely loved but in the end aren’t we taking this a bit too far?

  3. Calhoun says:

    How does paying respect to Clif — a dog — diminish the loss of human life? People pay their respects all the time when a pet passes. Yeah, people can go over board with anything, including services, be they for pets or people. However, many felt Clif deserved more than just being buried (or cremated), and a police dog killed in the line of duty can properly receive an officer’s funeral. Might some in LE use this as an opportunity simply to skip out of work? I suppose its possible, but I am sure the vast majority (if not all) wanted to go for legitimate reasons. They’re not called man’s best friend for no good reason. Has anyone spoken to any police officers who work closely with police dogs who think this is taking it too far?

  4. 2cents says:

    Rabble, I take issue with your position in this matter. First off, Clif was not a chase squirrels, fetch sticks, and lay around all day type of dog. He spent 40+hours per week being there with his partner and protecting the community. The list of things he did in his short lifetime are impressive and unlike people waiting for pay increases and perks, all he wanted was a pat on the head and an occasional treat. He undoubtedly did more things that benefited this community than many people in this society will ever do in their lifetimes. So, yeah he deserves every bit of honor given to him and shouldn’t have his legacy diminished by callous indifference.

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