Layoffs, while some get pay raises

Today’s headlines read of another 200-layoffs, and I am sure that our freeholders are patting themselves on the backs that the folks on the bottom rungs of the ladder will be in the unemployment line, while the highly paid political lackeys and double-dippers such as Matlock get to keep their positions. Never mind that Matlock’s shenanigans have cost taxpayers ton’s of money; and in a gift that will keep on giving, the county is facing four federal EEOC complaints that are directly attributed to Matlock’s behavior. (I understand there are county level shenanigans concerning the illegal withholding of discovery to the attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuits against Matlock. This goes WAY up the ladder. I don’t see the freeholder Director, however, taking any action.)

How did this one slip by the local media? The 9-1-1 supervisors we’re given a 5% raise last month even though they’re not union, and not under any contractual agreement to do so. So now, we will be laying off 200 workers due to a financial crisis in the county. The unionized workers have had to forfeit pay increases, take mandatory furloughs, and make other sacrifices while others get raises? How did this happen?

My sources gave me the inside story. Matlock screwed up by promoting one of his dispatchers to a supervisor level, even though said employee lacked the necessary qualifications for this position. This is blatant favoritism, and part of the entire culture that has led to the plethora of discrimination and harassment lawsuits. Since this employee received a union-contracted pay increase in 2010, he made more money than some of the supervisors. Matlock had to match the other supervisors’  pay scale with his.

It is nice to see that some departments are taking this recession and the budgetary crisis seriously.


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  1. James says:

    T and M associates completed the REPORT FOR SALE OF COUNTY PROPERTY on Sept. 15th, 2011. Is this the same company known to make political contributions in the past???? I took note that the report was one sided in favor of selling…several paragraphs list positive reasons for selling/advantages and benefits of sale yet they could only muster 4 lines on disadvantages and detriments of sale: ” Discussions, news reports and editorials seem to point to one common theme, some County residents and the UAW are concerned that the private company that buys the facility may choose to reduce the number of existing employees. Consequently, a possible detriment of selling the facility is that the County’s unemployment rate may be affected by reduction of staffing”. How dumb is this??? Why not take a layoff? Who would agree to take a major pay cut and loss of benefits too when they could make out better on unemployment??? It is not a good time to be a county employee, when they axe the Manor what dept. is next? I’m sure that cutting 200 plus jobs will allow the county to decrease staff in other areas such as payroll, personnel and the list goes on…the freeholders did a smear campaign on the Manor from the start and have made no attempts to rectify the problems and the $30,000 for Premiers audit was just the Freeholders blowing smoke up the workers/ taxpayers A _ _ !!!

    How much was T and M paid? I notice they make no mention of relocating the Blind Center nor the Prosecutors. How much did it cost to redo the office space several years ago for the prosecutors and how much will it cost to move and house them else where??

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