Dissecting Dunkins

James Dunkins has the shortest ELEC Report of the three candidates were are analyzing. His filings show a consistent focus on Cumberland County by George Norcross Camden County money.

Adams Rehmann & Heggan, Engineering, Hammonton, NJ- $2500

J. McHale and Associates, Mt Laurel – $1000

Intelligent Computing Solutions, Medford, NJ – $1000

Parker McCay Law Firm, Mt Laurel, NJ – $500

Pettit Associates, Engineer, Sewell, NJ – $500

In all, only $2500 (less than one-quarter of his campaign financing) came from local entities. Why all this money from the Norcross machine, ALL DONATIONS BELOW the threshold that would prevent them from being hired in Cumberland County due to Pay-to-Play!

At least Dunkins seems more willing than the other candidates to spend his money locally! He did spend a chunk of money with Blue Wire Media of Medford. He paid union “volunteers” to campaign for him. And much to my dismay, he funded Marcus Wilson, paying $2000 for the improper ballot applications that flooded the county clerk’s office last week.

With the campaign fraud that happened under the eyes of top Democrat Nancy Sungenis this year in Fairfield Twp., I would have hoped that these candidates would separate themselves from individuals that have a history of illicit election activities. You don’t want even the appearance of wrongdoing. Our elected officials, it seems, have become so complacent, (or possibly so assured that they can steal an election?) that they will willingly associate themselves with people of questionable character.

A Pastor has a much higher calling, and MUST by his supposed calling from God, behave in a manner that is above reproach. Dunkins can’t even do that.



One Response to Dissecting Dunkins

  1. What’s the old saying birds of a feather all flock together. Now you see the real person and there character by these reports. Shame shame shame and he’s a man of the cloth. He better hope and pray God forgives him.

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