Is Team Whelan actually Team Magazzu?

Just when you though Lou Magazzu was out of the picture, we find a campaign disbursement from Tony Surace to a business in Virginia for “Team Magazzu” tee-shirts. (Page 6)

Reading these ELEC reports, I am astounded at how blatant these candidates are in proving that our money will continue to flow out of Cumberland County.

Do Whelan, Dunkins and Surace expect us to believe that anything will change if they are elected? The above ELEC reports are the proof in the Puddin’. It will be business as usual, with our money and our jobs being siphoned off to Camden County.

On this expose, I will concentrate on Tony Surace’s ELEC filing. Surace is new blood, and if anyone is going to break the Magazzu mold of politics as usual, you would think Tony would be storming the barn. Unfortunately, Tony shows us it will be business as usual in Cumberland County if he is elected.

First, who is donating to his campaign? These are the people that he will owe favors to once elected. Unfortunately, the bulk of his contributions are coming from out of the county, most from Camden County.

On page one, you will see a generous donation of $2600 by Siciliano Associates, a law firm in Haddonfield, NJ. Here we go, the first donor is courtesy of the Camden County George Norcross Machine.

On that same page, George Sapanaro, an attorney from Mt Holly, NJ -$2600.

Then an engineering firm, Federici and Akin, from Sewell,  Gloucester County – $2600.

Pro Computers, Medford, NJ – $2600.

Archer and Greiner, Haddonfield, NJ – $2600.

Michael and Margaret Zumpino from Lansdale, PA. Pennsylvania really! -$2600

Adams, Rehmann and Heggan, another engineering firm from Camden County – $2600

Hardenbergh Insurance Group from Voorhees, NJ – $2600

Correctional Health Services from Tennessee – gee, somebody in line to take over the Manor? – $2600

Intelligent Computing Solutions, Medford – $1000

Gregory Valesi, Engineer, Millstone Twp, NJ – $500

Parker McCay, a law from from Mt Laurel – $500

Really now, with all of these out of county interests paying big bucks to get Tony Surace elected, do you really think he will keep Cumberland County money in Cumberland County? The Atlantic City Press ran an article today. It talked about how election season is helping the local economy, as campaigns are purchasing local services.

Campaigns buy computers for their offices and telephones for the phone banks. Hardware stores, supermarkets and big-box stores sell the paper, pens, staplers and such to stock candidates’ headquarters. And don’t forget the neighboring pizza shop, bagel store or sub shop that keeps volunteers fed while they stuff envelopes and make phone calls.

If the recipients of Surace’s campaign money are any indication, it will be time for Cumberland County businesses to tighten their belts even tighter. He has no interest ion supporting local business.

Tony sent $15,000 to Global Strategy Group in New York, Hell, that isn’t even keeping the money in the state!

Tony spent $2000 to buy Team Magazzu tee-shirts! Come on guys, it is time to cut the cord!

He ordered hand-outs from AIE Designs in Washington DC – what, we have no printers in Cumberland County that cold handle this job? And also money to Kennedy Communications, a partisan group in DC that was introduced to Cumberland County by Lou Magazzu. They specialize in dirty campaigns. They are the brains behind the negative ads. There was a lot of money to Doug Long’s office in Woodbury. yes, Doug Long, the Cumberland County Democratic Organization co-Chair that is not even from around here!

And there are disbursements to union members to help with the campaign. No volunteers, I guess! Money to MaQuan Dawkins for tee shirts, too. MaQuan had a position created especially for him by Lou Magazzu, in exchange for help on the campaigns, Cumberland County taxpayers now pay him around $40,000 a year.

And the clincher, $1500 to Marcus Wilson to submit fraudulent ballot applications.

It is obvious that a vote for Tony Surace will be a vote to continue the Lou Magazzu legacy.


One Response to Is Team Whelan actually Team Magazzu?

  1. These people are the pits. Sir speedy printing just one company here in Cumberland county that could handle there printing. If I owned a bsiness here in Cumberland County I would be so mad I would make my own signs about this digusting group of people not helping out a Cumberland County business. They want my vote? Not in a million years readers spread the word.DO NOT VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT. We need to clean up Cumberland County. When? NOW

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