More Ballot Fraud – 500 more ballot applications delivered

Marcus Wilson dropped off another 500-some ballot applications today to the Cumberland County Clerk’s office. He was so belligerent to the office staff, they had to ask him to calm down, or be escorted off the premises by law enforcement.

I don’t know about you, but this sort of activity pisses me off!  Every registered voter is entitled to have their vote count. But when you have a person, supported by an organization that is attempting to subvert the system by delivering ballots for people that are not eligible to vote – underage, convicted felons,are not even registered to vote, let alone residents of Cumberland County – there is a major problem.

The tally is now over ONE THOUSAND ballot applications that bear Marcus Wilson’s signature – in my opinion, every single one needs to be scrutinized to ensure that the recipient is a legal, registered voter in this county.

3 Responses to More Ballot Fraud – 500 more ballot applications delivered

  1. Why isn’t someone doing something about this guy? This is not the way voting is done. Someone should go to jail and that goes also to the other end of the money trail. This type of activity hurts everyone. If the Democracts are behind him shame on them this type of activity should not be tolerated I hope the clerks office can do something about it.

  2. WuLi says:

    Hi Alex –
    The clerk’s office is limited in the action they can take. Their job is to verify that the voters are registered, and legally allowed to vote – ie. – not convicted felons on probation or 14 years old. They check to make sure the residency blocks are properly filled out, but they do not have the resources to verify that the applicants actually reside at the addresses provided, nor am I sure they would be allowed to if they did. They do not check phone numbers – and the majority of the phone numbers that we have checked on Marcus Wilson’s applications are bogus.

    The clerk has limited powers when it comes to checking the signatures. Some are just so obviously wrong that it was apparent they were forged. The two that we managed to contact verified that these signatures indeed were forged!

    The Election Board gets the ballots after the clerk verifies the top half of the form and enters the applicants into the vote by mail database. Understanding that the head of this board, Nancy Sungenis, looked the other way when Lou Magazzu had her name forged on a letter that went out several years ago, I doubt that she will take forgery of other people’s signatures seriously. Also, given that she is a high ranking Democrat and by all appearances involved at least peripherally in the Fairfield election fraud this past year – she gets a vote of “no-confidence” from me.

    Unless the State AG or the courts step in, expect this election to be thrown. We now know how easy it is to tamper with these machines that leave no paper trail, expect more of the same in November.

  3. 2cents says:

    Voter fraud issues are supposed to be directed to the Prosecutor’s Office; however, you can’t really expect Ms. Webb-McCrae to do anything because she is beholden to Magazzu, Balicki, VanDrew, and Sweeny. Not to mention their promise of an upcoming appointment to a judgeship if she maintains the status quo. Problem is that she does know of these issues, and others like it, but chooses not to look into the matter. I bet former prosecutor Casella would have been all over these allegations, but you see where doing the right thing and not bowing to the Magazzu crew got him.
    I guess it could be reported to the state attorney general but doing anything about political corruption is obviously not on her list, either. Forward some of this stuff down to the FBI office in Linwood, after all they’re the only law enforcement agency that actually attacked this type of corruption in Atlantic City.

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