Team Bill Whelan brings Atlantic City Politics to Cumberland County

Yesterday I begin what will be a series of articles regarding the questionable ballot applications and Atlantic City politics that are being introduced into Cumberland County by Bill Whelan, Tony Surace and the so-called Reverend Dunkins. Reverend – a man of God should be above reproach, and be a person of integrity. When you pay a third party to flood the clerks office with fraudulent ballots, you have lost all credibility.

In yesterday’s post, I provided a sample of the 565 ballot applications that were handled by Marcus Wilson, a person with deep ties to the Atlantic City machine. Marcus has a history of being connected to prior attempts of voter fraud, in particular forged signatures. We have uncovered two instances out of 19 applications checked, of forged signatures. The others cannot be verified as the phone numbers provided are bogus. Seriously, trying to defraud the election system by signing up a fourteen year old child? A convicted felon? At least they know who their constituents are!

The man in the above video, Marcus Wilson, is the talent behind the attempted ballot fraud in Cumberland County. With the election tampering that happened in Fairfield Twp. this year under the watch of Nancy Sungenis, a high-ranking Democrat, one would think the Democrats in this county would be a little more vigilant, and exercise more caution in ensuring that everything is above-board.

As the below pages from the recent ELEC filings of these three candidates indicate, all three have financially supported and endorsed this attempt to subvert the election process. In Cumberland County, elections can hinge upon 200 votes. MWatch intends to do an extensive audit of every ballot application handled by Marcus Wilson. I think each of these candidates should immediately and publicly apologize to the voters of this county – either for being willfully involved in voter fraud, or at the very least in not being vigilant in who they pay to assist them in their campaign efforts. Whatever happened to old fashioned campaigning, shaking hands and getting to know people. I guess you don’t need to do that when you steal elections.


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