911 Call Center OT out of control!

I understand today is Cowtown day for Jim Matlock – do we pay him for these day trips?

John Redkoles has absolutely no clue how to schedule, from what my sources tell me. Overtime is out of control – but what the hell? The taxpayers will pick up the bill!

I understand that Redkoles is scheduling 18-hour shifts, and continually coming up short on manpower. But I guess that is what happens when people are hired because they are friends, and not really qualified. And did you know that as county employees are threatened with layoffs – John Redkoles was given a $5000 sign-on bonus?

Mike Barruzza has a great pan if he is elected sheriff – to eliminate Matlock’s position – apparently it is unnecessary as Matlock is rarely there. And we do know that Barruzza knows how to keep overtime costs under control.

What is astounding to me, however, is that Bill Whelan, the freeholder that brought Matlock into this position, refuses to take any action. I understand that there is yet another EEOC complaint being filed. If this is picked up, that will be SIX Federal investigations against the county. That means even more legal expenses incurred and billed to the taxpayers.

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