Is Whelan more of the same?

Today I set my sights on Bill Whelan. With the attempted ballot fraud topping our list as the most egregious assault on the election system, I have to point out that Bill Whelan also paid Marcus Wilson to submit fraudulent ballots. So far, the count tops 1,000 ballots with Marcus’ signature. For this service, Whelan paid Marcus Wilson $2,000 – or $2 per ballot!

Bill Whelan is billing himself as a fiscal conservative. He is claiming that he worked harder than anyone against Lou Magazzu. I don’t know about you, but voting lockstep with Lou is not really doing anything to temper the damage he perpetrated upon this county.

Two of  the main issues we face in this county are high unemployment and high poverty. Bill Whelan was one of the votes to violate the rights of Comtec Communications, and to steal a bid they rightfully won as the lowest bidder, and to give it to a high bidder that happened to be in George Norcrossland. But he expects us to believe that the wholesale sending of our jobs to Camden County will cease if he is elected again? Sorry, Bill, you had the chance to change that during the last four years. Instead – well, let’s let your ELEC filing tell the story! Who is paying for your campaign?

Richard A Alaimo, Engineer, Mt. Holly – $1000

Siciliano and Associates, Law Firm, Haddonfield – $1000

Bach Associates, Engineers, Haddon Heights – $1000

Intelligent Computing Systems, Medford – $1000

Bail Bonds of America – Hammonton – $1000 – well, that one is appropriate, Bill Whelan knows his constituency!

So – on the first page of Bill’s ELEC filing, he lists $5,000 in campaign donations – and EVERY ONE is from OUTSIDE of Cumberland County! Where do you think Bill Whelan’s allegiance is going to lie?

On page two of the contributions exceeding $300, Vision for New Jersey, a PAC donated $1000. I will assume this is a real PAC, unlike Magazzu’s Lou4NACo fake PAC! A funny thing, when I do an internet search for this PAC, nothing comes up.  They have a PO Box, but no real address. No website that I can find – this appears suspiciously to be nothing more than a way to launder campaign donations to avoid Pay-to-Play laws. I could be wrong…

Oh, FINALLY somebody from Cumberland County supporting Whelan – Mitchell Kizner, and attorney from Vineland gave $1000.

Parker McCay, Law Firm, Mt Laurel – $500

John Alice, Attorney, Woodbury – $1000

Philip Rowan, Econ, Cherry Hill – $1000

On the second page of contributions exceeding $300, only ONE person was in the county – all of the rest were from Norcross/Sweeney territory. Paybacks – when Norcross finances your campaign, you OWE him. These contributions are nothing more than the sound of JOBS being SUCKED OUT of CUMBERLAND COUNTY!

On the third page of contributions exceeding $300:

George Saponaro, Atty, Mt. Holly – $2000

Florio (yeah JIM Florio) Perrucci, etc, Law Firm, Philipsburgh, NJ – $1000

Roofers Local 30, Philadelphia – $1000

Laborers Local 172 – Trenton – $1000 – here we go again – jobs in Cumberland County will go to residents that DO NOT RESIDE HERE! Look at the highway project at Rt 55 and Rt 49 in Millville – it disrupted traffic for well over a year, is still not complete – and nobody from Cumberland County is working on this project.

Out of $17,500 in contributions to Whelan, Only $4000  ($3,000 from Michael Pirolli, Bridgeton Attorney) are from our area.

So now we have examined the contributions to three candidates, and every one has the SAME lopsided pattern – the money is pouring in from Camden and Gloucester and Central Jersey – George Norcross territory. So when any one of these candidates attempts to tell me that they will put Cumberland County interests first – I am going to have to assume they are pulling my leg. Judging from the amount of Camden money flooding their campaign coffers, NOTHING has changed fromthe Lou Magazzu regime, other than possibly it is getting worse. After all, co-chairman Doug Long has absolutely NO ALLEGIANCE to Cumberland County, he is NOT EVEN FROM HERE!

Now, let’s see where Bill is spending his campaign money. This will indicate where he will direct Cumberland County tax money if he is re-elected.

Haddon Captital Ventures– $4000 OUCH! We are not off to a good start!

AEI Designs, Mt Laurel – $3400 – because we do not have any printers in Cumberland County!

Kennedy Communications, Washington DC – the brains behind the usual smear campaigns – over $11,000

Laura Gonzales, consulting fees – $1000 – FINALLY, somebody from Vineland!

Global Strategy Group, New York – $4000

So on this page – out of more than $25,000 in expenditures, Bill tossed a local resident a tidbit! Do we REALLY believe that Whelan is going to work to ensure that county residents and business are able to do business with the county government under his control? Just ask Comtec – if you don’t contribute to the CCDO, you are not allowed to work in this county!

On page two – Whelan deliberately leaves out the addresses of the entities receiving his funds on most entries. There is a $4000 payment to Blue Wire Media in West Berlin. There is the extremely disturbing $2,000 to Marcus Wilson for campaign fraud! Marcus is from Pleasantville, NJ. Bill can’t even hire a local scam artist to submit fraudulent ballot applications!

To his credit, he did throw Sign Graphics in Rosenhayn a bone, and had them do some lawn sign jobs. And there is $800 each to two people for campaign work. Gee, I would like to get paid $800 for volunteer work! Omarey Williams, one of the recipients of $800, is friends with Marcus Wilson on Facebook.

After perusing all of the recent ELEC reports, I am not that confident that any of these candidates will put Cumberland County first. It is obvious that their money is coming from the George Norcross machine, and it is obvious that even now, when it counts the most, they are spending their money outside of the county! I guarantee that after November, when the final ELEC reports are released, we will see a deluge of Camden Money that was dumped into these campaigns. It happens every year.

Cumberland County is the dumping grounds for the rest of the state. George Norcross pushes to close the state prison in Camden, and who gets Camden’s trash? We do! We house 30% of the states inmate population, and our townships get nothing in return. We watch as our gang problems escalate, as crime becomes a daily occurrence in our neighborhoods, as our jobs are shipped to Camden and Philadelphia, and Bill Whelan and company continue to accept what can only be described as bribes to ensure that we take no action to help our own residents!


3 Responses to Is Whelan more of the same?

  1. Guess-Who says:

    Where does Bill Whelan BANK his Campaign Funds ?
    He has the money in a bank in (Woodbury,NJ),
    This money is NOT even in the County of Cumberland, N.J.

    Where is his Campaign Treasure from ?
    He is from Woodbury, N.J.

    Want to Guess WHO else is from this County ?

  2. Good job Carl and the rest of you reporters. I have to give an F to our local newspapers for not even digging in alittle. Its a shame that people have to pay crooks to get relected.Our for fathers fought hard for our freedom to vote, I bet they are turning over in there graves. Just maybe someone in law enforcement will take these pirates on, and a judge will threw the key away. Then will Cumberland County N.J. be a nice place to raise your family.

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