One person, HOW many votes?

One person, one vote. Um, not in Cumberland County. How about one person, THREE votes? Ask Marcus Wilson.

More to follow – stay tuned!


One Response to One person, HOW many votes?

  1. The so called news of cumberland county has headlines gop cries foul. What a joke they are also making a mokery over smothing that is very important and that is voting. Doug Long should also be ashamed of himself for bring race into this important matter. The county clerk and her staff protects everyones rite to vote. To all the african americans the clerks office is protecting you. Remember if you go to the polls to vote and you can’t because your signature was forged thank doug long. This is why the clerks office dose a a good job and trying to protect your rite to vote. Shame on you democrats for using the race card.

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