10% of the applications are fraudulent

I have made some phone calls. I am doing some numbers crunching. I want answers.

So far, of more than 1,000 mail-in ballot applications submitted by Marcus Wilson, paid for by the CCDO, are Fraudulent.

The example to the left is an application for someone that is not registered to vote. Marcus Wilson has an up-to-date list of registered voters, and yet he signed this application and submitted it. This is one of 100 applications rejected by the clerk’s office.

Doug Long of the CCDO is now sending threats to the clerk’s office, demanding that absentee ballots be mailed, even though he is fully aware that a Superior Court Judge ordered that the ballots be held after seeing the attempted fraud. I understand the code of ethics for lawyers is fairly lenient, but this is pushing the evnvelope.

And, Long, in his legal action, made it quite clear he is aware of what is happening. he tried to play the race card, claiming that African-Americans were being discriminated against by the clerk holding this mountain of applications. Nowhere on any application is race, creed or color indicated. Nor is it legally allowed to be – but somehow he is privy to this information. I have to suspect  that he also is fully aware that fraudulent applications are part of the game. Why, instead of worrying about voter fraud is he so insistent that fraudulent applications be allowed to pass with no scrutiny?

Why were 1,000 applications DUMPED in a short period of time? Because anybody familiar with the process knows that this is the easiest way to allow people to vote two and three times! This is the easiest way to allow unregistered voters to get ballots.

The county clerk has a difficult job during election season. Every application has to be verified. It takes anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes to check an application.

To be fair, I will use three minutes as the average time. That means one clerk can verify at most 20 applications an hour. In an eight-hour work day, 160 applications can be verified – at tops speed. The clerk must log on to the state computer and verify that the person is a registered voter. They verify the address, to ensure it is current – that they haven’t moved and are registered elsewhere. Then they have to verify the phone numbers. On my last post, I proved that many of the phone numbers are bogus. They check the birth date, also. Marcus, paid for by Whelan, Surace and Dunkins, attempted to get an absentee ballot for a 14-year old. he signed the application, so he KNEW that this person was in no way eligible to vote.

Now, I am referring ONLY to the verification process. After applications are verified, the clerk’s office has to then begin the process of preparing the mail-in ballots to be sent out.   Dumping 500 ballots in one day when many of them were dated back in August and September leads to only one conclusion, that the purpose is to overwhelm the clerk’s office with so many ballots that the fraudulent ones will be able to slip through the system.

Our CCDO candidates claim they want to control costs at a county level – yet here they paid thousands of dollars to Marcus Wilson to flood the clerk’s office, and to cause mandatory and completely unnecessary overtime to kick in. yes folks, your wallets are being picked to pay for this fiasco!


3 Responses to 10% of the applications are fraudulent

  1. Dan says:

    Have you seen this video with Marcus R. Wilson, Sr. from the AC mayoral election?

  2. WuLi says:

    Hi Dan,
    yes, I posted this video recently. We have to thank Whelan, Dunkins and Surace for bringing Atlantic City style corruption into Cumberland County politics. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse than Lou Magazzu….

  3. It seems very clear to me from what Im readying is that Doug Long has no reguard for the law. If this is trully the case I would hope that the NJSBA WOULD BE READING THESE POST . Then maybe they would take action against him. He should be glad that the clerk is doing her job and following the law. Maybe he should be doing the same instead of playing the race card. Carl again you brought up a good point about race. God job Carl.

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