Bob Balicki and Doug Long say that these applications should be accepted

Doug Long, on behalf of the CCDO, and under orders I amsure of the Corrupt Camden Machine to do anything to steal this election, feels that ballot applications like this should just be pushed through and not scrutinized. At least that is the ONLY conclusion one can come to with his threats against the Cumberland County Clerk to bring expensive legal action.

When 4% of the applications have OBVIOUS disqualifications, the clerk and the election board have a DUTY to ensure that the electoral process is untainted. Gloria Noto has a crew working mandatory long over-time hours processing this FLOOD of applications, some dated as early as August.

The example to the left is for two different people, at two different addresses. However, they are filled out in the same handwriting, and show the same phone number. They were both completed September 14, 2011, but in an attempt to inundate the county clerk’s office they were part of the October 19, 2011 delivery of 565 ballots.

These two ballots were disqualified by the county clerk – but with a legally mandated time limit to process the ballots, and with procedures that must also legally be followed, this dumping of applications en-mass prevents the clerk’s from physically being able to fulfill their duties.

We have uncovered at least TWO ballot applications that had forged signatures. I am willing to bet that there are many more – but Doug Long is doing EVERYTHING in his power to prevent a thorough investigation.

Bob Balicki lies to the press and claims that his candidates did not pay for this fraud. However, the three ELEC reports we posted on MWatch PROVE that they, in collusion with Jeff Van Drew have paid Marcus Wilson over $7,000.

That is only what he has been paid to date. He is still working, and still collecting payola to help steal this election. This is what you expect in Atlantic City, where Marcus Wilson got his training wheels. And this is the sort of politics that Whelan, Surace and Dunkins apparently endorse. rather than campaign on their record, they would rather pay a person that has a history of voter fraud to work for their campaigns. There is no shame, and not even an attempt to avoid an appearance of impropriety. They are PROUD that they support this activity!

There is much more to this story. Marcus Wilson brings a three-prong approach to his vote drive. The first is to register voters. There is nothing wrong with that, and if that were the extent of his operations, we would be behind this 100%.  Everybody deserves a voice and a vote, and everybody should pay more attention to what their elected officials are doing, and participate in the process.

However, when one makes a living subverting the process, and when our candidates see nothing wrong with subverting the process, there is a major problem! If they will stoop so low as to pay for criminal acts, what will they do behind closed doors when elected?

I will continue to post the disqualified ballot applications, with further commentary. This outrage cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.  We are not talking a few ballots with human error – when a person’s signature is FORGED, that is a criminal act! It is time to DEMAND straight answers from the Cumberland County Democrat freeholder candidates that PAID THOUSANDS to Marcus Wilson, and to demand also that Jeff Van Drew explain why he is hanging out with this character during the events where this fraud is taking place?


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