Doug Long harasses clerk for checking validity of ballot applications

The News of Cumberland County is the only newspaper picking up this story. The Press of AC is probably embarrassed that they endorsed Van Drew, who is mixed up in this voter fraud controversy. Who knows what the Daily Journal is thinking, their controversial letters to the editor are about when to have Trick or Treat! They refuse to touch letters about this attempted fraud.

Bob Balicki lies, and claims they never paid anyone to commit this fraud.  The Clerk’s office has verified what MagazzuWatch posted a few days ago, that ballot applications were submitted for people unqualified to vote in Cumberland County.

Cumberland County Democratic Co-Chair Bob Balicki flatly rejected the accusation.

“It’s absolutely, completely false,” he said at Tuesday night’s freeholder meeting when the issue was brought up by Republican freeholder candidate Bill Gonzalez, who alleged that the Democrats were funding voter fraud.

“We’re not now, nor have we ever funded anyone to do voter fraud.

Bob, sorry, but the ELEC reports of Whelan, Surace and Dunkins CLEARLY list payments to Marcus Wilson, the perpetrator of this attempted voter fraud. He is well-known for organizing these types of drives, submitting fraudulent ballots.  And now we are seeing instances of a single person voting three times!

And now Dog Long is threatening an expensive legal action, and playing the race card in a slap in the face to all lawful voting taxpayers of the county. He is going to bring expensive legal action if the clerk’s office continues to do their job and verify the applications rather than immediately approve them, even if they ARE for fourteen year old boys.

Some of these applications are dated in August and September – there is ONLY ONE REASON that Marcus Wilson dumps hundreds of applications at a time, and that is to force the clerk’s office to rush, hoping that many of the fraudulent applications will slip through. If the applications were submitted in a timely basis, the clerk’s office would have ample time to perform due diligence, but then we know for a fact that many more fraudulent applications would be caught.

The County Clerk MUST be given ample time to preclude the enormous number of fake applications – for Doug Long to blow this hot air and threaten the clerk’s office for trying to preserve the integrity of the electoral process is the same as he thumbing his nose at every HONEST voter!

This is CLEARLY an attempt to SUBVERT the ELECTION process, and to disenfranchise the honest voters that still actually believe in One Person, One Vote! The CCDO obviously believes otherwise.


2 Responses to Doug Long harasses clerk for checking validity of ballot applications

  1. Guess-Who says:

    I say CHALLENGE every VOTE that comes from Marcus Wilson Mail-in-Ballot Campaign Registration.

    Long is Threatening to take Legal Action against a Constitutional Officer (County Clerk) for doing their Job, Ugh, does Dougie have his panties in a bunch ?

    It is time to keep a very close eye on this Election in Cumberland County, N.J., make sure your Video Cameras & Cell Phones are Charged.

    It’s time to go into some Neighborhoods to ASK for the Facts about this Marcus Wilson Mail-in-Ballot Campaign/Registration 🙂
    I have friends that will be HAPPY to ask around.

    Jeff V.D. knows he is Finished as the 1st Dist. Senator along with the 2nd Dist. Senator James Whelan

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